Trying to Remember

Trying to Remember
by BlackLion

Every day, we each have the chance to feel great! We can choose for every decision, every thought, and every action, what to feel about said points of focus. Yet often we forget or intend to do it later. We know how we like to feel, so why do we often choose a path or a thought that could lead to more of the same?

I use several techniques to refocus my attention to the present moment. Everyone has their own ways, but I like to share mine, just in case someone can riff off of it. Here are a few to get you going:

Watching the Clocks: Every day when I look at the clock and I see a time that is remarkable, like 12:34 or 5:55, I remember to be thankful for something I love in my life and sometimes say a blessing as well.

Grace Before Dinner: We hold hands around the table and say something we are thankful for that has happened during the day, some idea that we were thankful for receiving, or a deity we recognized walking by.

Daily Spiritual Practice: Each morning, I ask the universe for a sign in answer to the questions I am seeking, whether from my higher self or my subconscious, by doing a divination. I use a Celtic Tarot deck which a friend let me borrow. You could use runes, clouds, number of cat meows, or any other “random” occurrence you can find.

Om My Meditation: For fifteen minutes each day, I take the time to listen to the voices in my head. I stop and let them float on by. I also receive insights, dreams, joy, and serenity.

All Over the Rainbows: Whenever I see a prism, rainbow, or other colorful event, I remember to think joyous thoughts about those around me. I am a little nicer to the store clerk, the taxi driver, my kids, my partner, and the world all around.

In what ways do you remind yourself?