The Process of Change

When you’re in the process of making big changes in your life, remember that they won’t all happen at once. Life is cyclical, so sometimes you’ll feel up, and sometimes you might feel down. Overall, your ups may be more up, and the downs not quite as far down, but you’re still part of the cycle.

Realize that these down spots don’t last as long as they once did. It’s a matter of working through the rough patch and trusting in the process. Realize that it’s just a temporary lull and not permanent. Avoid taking a tight grasp on your negative reactions. Instead, recognize that these feelings are transient and let them go. With this recognition, you’ve already reached a pivot point and you are on your way back up.

When you’re in a lull, you might not be able to see that it’s transitory, and you may not feel like doing anything. Give yourself some leeway. Be really kind to yourself. What’s the next step you can take, even if it’s just a small one? Take time out and do the things you enjoy. So what if you just feel like taking a nap or watching a movie? Do it. Everyone needs time to relax and renew.

When you’re making major changes, they will take time to assimilate. This process often goes on under the surface of your conscious mind. Not only are you creating something new, but you’re also getting rid of old energies. You’re releasing emotional toxins, so you may feel cranky, sad, or upset. Let the emotions flow through you rather than holding on to them. Don’t be afraid that you’ll end up back where you started.

Know that just by setting your intentions, you’re already walking the path of change, and that everything is just fine. You are right where you’re supposed to be now. You have the power to reach your goals. Your trail will go through dark tunnels and low spots, but also through beautiful forests and high peaks. Enjoy the whole journey.