The Power of “Yes!”

When we discover those things that we are passionate about, we say (and feel) “yes!” These moments indicate the direction we should be going. They are a call to inspired action. We feel powerful, capable, and full of life. We’re full of energy and our path opens up before us.

Saying “no” to things, or railing against them, puts up an energy wall and stops our movement. Sometimes we can lose track of our passions. We get caught up in the daily tasks that we “have” to do. Life can become a bit boring, grey around the edges, or perhaps stressful and anxious.

Following our passions is empowering. By saying “yes!” we reaffirm who we are, how we connect with the Divine, and where we are going. We feel happy with ourselves and all that we are becoming.

Here are some ways to harness the power of “yes!”

– Make time to daydream. Think about what you want, about what sounds really fun and inspiring in this moment. Jot down your ideas.
– Laugh! Find things that make you giggle. Make faces with a friend. Come up with elaborate playful pranks. Be silly. Laugh until you cry.
– When someone asks you to do something that sounds awesome, say “yes!” immediately, rather than consulting your appointment book first. You can find something else to let go of in order to make time for yourself.
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– Go back to things that you’ve done already that you’ve found joyful and use them as a springboard to the next inspired step.

* Please excuse suggestion number four. We were busy being completely silly and the Fae Translation Program (FTG) went awry.