Step by Step

Step by Step
by BlackLion

Taking that first step toward your new life, whether a small step or a big one, is a momentous occasion. It may take some time to build up to being able to braving the fears and doubts of yourself and others. Now that you have reached your new place of adventure, what can you expect?

Many of us do not see the steps that we take and where they will lead. Each thought and action brings forth new levels of knowledge, understanding, and challenges. Now that you are here, the world seems new and different. Each step that feels good to you, more and more petals land along your path. For every step that feels bad to you, the brambles and thorns dig a little deeper.

We can often find ourselves seesawing back and forth between feeling good and feeling bad, riding the turbulent seas of emotion. Yet each moment along your chosen path, new choices, new ideas, and new actions become available that were impossible without your previous steps along the way. Be thankful for where you are as you continue to follow your dreams, no matter how meandering the path may become.

We each have the opportunity to choose the steps along the way, the path of least resistance or one not so simple to tread. Fearful steps lead you further from your spiritual path, yet every one is a lesson of love and peace. Stepping with confidence and anticipation leads to your divine inspiration.