Staying on Your Track

Staying on Your Track
by BlackLion

In every moment there is a chance to stay on your track or get derailed by old patterns of thought. As you go through your day, remember that you always have a choice on how you interact with the world. Whether you are focusing on what you want or what you don’t want, it manifests in your life based on the majority of your thoughts. Here are some ways to keep focused on your intentions rather than ride off on a negative train of thought.

Focus within. When energies are swirling around you that bring forth feelings of anger, frustration, or depression, take action by deliberately focusing within. Whether through meditation, visualization, or simply focusing on your breath, you can weather the storm and remain connected to your pure positive eternal source energy. Once that becomes your main focus, the world will shift and you’ll be able to resume course once again.

Change the subject. Focusing on what is wrong with the situation only brings more of that energy to you. If you cannot feel good about something that is really bothering you, change your focus purposefully to something that does feel good. When you are back into a better feeling place, you can more easily understand and forgive the wrong-seeming slight. By changing rail-lines to a better feeling one, the way ahead won’t seem so bad.

Journaling. Talk yourself through difficult situations by writing them down in a journal. Releasing these energies in constructive ways can alleviate your negative feelings and transform them into better feeling ones. As the thoughts leave your pen, remember to let them go. Then, get on with your day knowing you can release more old thoughts and patterns during the next journaling session.

Temporary containers. When we are in a funk, we can sometimes spread that energy to other people in bursts of frustration or anger. We are each responsible for our own emotions. If you’re in a situation where you need to stay present, create a temporary container that can hold these emotions in check until you can more easily deal with them. Don’t let them fester, but you don’t have to splatter them around the room either. All negative thoughts should be dealt with properly.

Emotional scale. One of the techniques I prefer to use is the Emotional Guidance Scale I learned of through Abraham-Hicks. Wherever you are on the scale of emotions, from fear through anger, frustration then boredom, contentment all the way to love, you can work your thoughts through the scale intentionally. If you are angry about something, take a thought that feels a little better, like resentment, and focus on that for a little bit. Once you feel better, take the next step to frustration then to boredom, contentment and then to loving feelings. With practice, you can travel up this scale rather quickly. As you continue to refine this process, you will eventually skip the getting angry part altogether and you’ll be able to live primarily in a place of love and joy.