Share the Wealth!

In an effort to help uplift more and more people to become who they truly want to be, we are excited to offer the Feline Dreamers Affiliate program. We want to inspire you to help uplift yourself and others by offering a 50% commission on all Feline Dreamers wares. We want to create an equal partnership with you and move forward with shared intentions.

The 30-Day Core Belief Kit (CBK) is a wonderful program that can help you become more aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. By focusing our intention on helping you break through your limiting beliefs, we want to offer a way to give back to you as well.

When you become an affiliate, you can purchase the 30-Day Core Belief Kit yourself with the 50% commission. Half the money stays in your pocket! If you help just one other like-minded person start achieving their dreams by getting the CBK, you will have received your own copy for free while raising the consciousness of your community.

In addition, as new wares are offered at Feline Dreamers, you can continue to receive commission on each item that you or another has purchased using your affiliate code. Please consider this generous and empowering way to expand your financial well-being as well as the well-being of each and every one who takes part in the 30-Day Core Belief Kit and other Feline Dreamers wares.

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