Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now
by Starcat

BlackLion and I (along with my daughter ElvenTiger) are at the Life Rocks! Radical Unschooling Conference this week. We’re having a fantastic time! For me, it’s not just about unschooling, which is a form of homeschooling, even though it’s something my family and I do. It’s broader than that – this gathering is a tribe of people who are working toward positive social change.

This morning, sitting in the hot tub and meditating in a beam of sunlight – did I forget to mention that the conference is at a hotel with an indoor water park? – I had a moment of clarity. You know those moments when it feels like you’re right where you’re supposed to be? That things are coming together to support your broader purpose here on Earth? When you’re both of this world and connected to something grander? Timeless, eternal, shiny – yep, that type of moment.

But then it passed, and my thoughts continued on. And the combination of that moment and the thoughts as they arose once more, gave me the insight that it is always so. We are always right where we are supposed to be.

Yes, even in those moments that don’t feel like you’d ever have chosen them. When your head is pounding, the car won’t start, or you’ve lost someone dear to you. Something bigger is happening, even then. You might not be able to consciously tap into it, but that’s when you get to practice trust. Trust that your inner source won’t steer you wrong. Trust that things will shift and change, as they always do. Trust that you are indeed on your own unique path.

Be thankful for the good times, for the shiny sparkly moments that are easy to appreciate. Also be thankful for the lessons, for the tough situations, for being stuck in psychic peanut butter. And even for the blah, mundane, don’t-care-one-way-or-another times. Be in this moment, whatever is showing up for you. Right here, right now, is really all we have.