Reweaving Your Illusions

Reweaving Your Illusions
by BlackLion

We are enshrouded by the most visceral of illusions created by the most influential and powerful illusionists, ourselves. With every thought and feeling, we weave amazing and picturesque scenes of love and hate, fear and strength, compassion and healing. We are each our own creators and our own taskmasters. We choose to live in a prison or a paradise. We are our own greatest ally and our own worst enemy. How we each choose to believe, whether our own designs or translations of what others have believed, is what we choose to experience.

In what ways can we change what we perceive and experience, then? First, accept that you are responsible for everything that is in your life. You are the creator of your own experience. You are the glorious founder of your own expectations. You welcome the energies into your life and you can expel them just as easily. How you transform your life from here on out, based on the knowledge and expertise that you have, will be what you will discover next.

Do you seek something different? Then choose to focus on something different. Do you want to experience life in a joyful way? Choose to think joyfully of your life right now. Do you want to experience more abundance? Choose to see the abundance already all around you. By choosing the way you want to exist, you will serendipitously discover how to exist in those ways. You are unlimited in your capacity for love, hate, fear, and joy. How you choose to experience your life is entirely up to you.

Every moment, you have the opportunity to express your life the way you most want. As you take each step on your path to self-discovery, you will continue to grow and expand the possibilities for expression and living. Weave your life as a masterpiece. Choose to take the illusions that you no longer want and make them disappear. Make manifest your dreams by willing them to be here simply by focusing on them. As you move more and more towards the light of your new day, know that you are the master of your own illusions and that only you have the power to change them. Revel in your immense personal and elegant power!