Releasing Resistance

Releasing Resistance
by Blackion

No matter how much we try to fight against anything in our life, we will inevitably find new outbreaks of that which we oppose. Once we realize that what we are fighting is within us already, a part of us, then we can instead choose to change ourselves. As we seek to discover more about ourselves, we’ll find ways to accept ourselves more.

Look around you. What parts of your life are going well and what parts are very challenging? Can you see the parts of yourself that you are resisting when you think about your challenges? Becoming aware of your shadow self is the first step in reconciliation.

Find ways to be kind to yourself, especially when it concerns strong emotional challenges. Realize that your are an eternal being and that the only person you will be with forever is yourself. Become your own best friend. Once you love yourself, you can love others much more easily.

Whenever you find yourself in a tough spot, remember that other people are also going through similar challenges. They are also eternal, loving beings with their own unique perspective of the world. Kindness goes a long way not only within you but for other people as well. Let go of the stress of control and the floodgates of your beautiful life will come pouring through.