Realizing Your Power

Realizing Your Power
by BlackLion

Given the assumption that all events are happening simultaneously, there are no limitations to our knowledge (or our access to that knowledge) except those that we impose on ourselves. In other words, based on what we can process for incoming information, which we filter routinely to function day-to-day, with a slight change of focus we can access whatever memories or thoughts we want. However, we have chosen, on this physical plane, to have limited access to most of this information, mainly because we are creating our lives based on our thoughts as we have them. Which is to say, we are still changing, even though there is no time, per se.

Now, as we move forward with our daily life, we choose to access only the relatively close pockets of information with which we have surrounded ourselves. The filters we have put in place, mainly from the beliefs that we hold and the physical agreements we have made (e.g., gravity), limit us to experiencing only that which we are aware of based on those filters. Since a belief is only a thought we keep thinking, and we get, by the Law of Attraction, that which we think about chronically, then would it not be reasonable to us to change our thoughts to what we want to experience?

If that were the case, and since we have chosen to limit ourselves only in the ways we want to limit ourselves, then with a change of focus we can change the experiences and circumstances in our lives. By realizing that we can access any knowledge or thought simply by focusing on wanting that access, then that access is granted. Though at first it may seem silly, would it not stand to reason that by accessing continuously increasing amounts of knowledge not only from our whole lives but from all others’ whole lives, we would be able to increase our experience and gain valuable new ways to be? Not only that, the greater part of ourselves, made up of our non-physical aspects, has access to another kind of knowledge which we can also access immediately given acceptance of beliefs to that effect.

We have such a great power within us right now to change our circumstances to what we want. We have such a great ability to seek the best in us and receive the benefits. We can access this knowledge and information right now since now is the only time that we have. Since the universe is continuously being recreated based on all the simultaneousness of itself, can we not choose to take this great power that we possess and use it to forge our own lives in ways that we imagine? And with every new moment of joy, we open other great vistas not thought possible until we have done so.

Open up to the possibilities of your greatness. Become the powerful creator that you are by letting go any thoughts of limitations or expectations of how things should be. By being what you most desire, you cannot help but manifest what you most desire. By thinking thoughts in alignment with what you most want, you will be the beneficiary of those thoughts. Open yourself and you will find a great source of energy and power that you have only dreamed of having. Enjoy and prosper in your new vision of yourself and your life. Create by thinking thoughts that feel good to you rather than by thinking thoughts of lack, limitations, and loss. Become who you already are by letting go of your fears and doubts, one thought at a time.