Raising Our Vibrations

Raising Our Vibrations
by Starcat

One of my favorite things about the Life Rocks! Radical Unschooling Conference that we recently attended was the overall tone of positivity and joy. The high vibration of this community of people of all ages was tangible and uplifting. That’s not to say that there weren’t crying kids or cranky parents once in a while – we’re all human. There were also a few folks working through painful life challenges. Yet in these situations, someone would always step forward to offer aid, to share tears and laughter, and to help make the shift back towards wholeness and joy.

The focus of the conference was families living and learning together in freedom. Within that context, other common interests were explored throughout the week, such as personal spirituality, healthy eating, permaculture, the Law of Attraction, and yoga. What I noticed was that all of these interests were approached in a way that raised each person’s vibration. For the most part, those involved weren’t taking a stand against public school, or organized religion, or pesticides. Rather, they were embracing the joy and freedom they’ve discovered with their kids, the wellness they found by changing their diets, or the harmony with the land they experience through natural gardening. I think this focus on what does work is a key to happiness, and to making changes in the world.

As Isaac said recently, it is much more powerful to act from a place of love than it is from a place of fear. The point of focus we choose will be different for each of us. We all have our own set of passions and talents. But the lens we see the world through, whether it’s unschooling or animal welfare, raw foods or feminism, meditation or sustainability, isn’t what matters. It’s the attitude we bring to it, the intention to focus on joy and empowerment, which is most important.

When we become attached to being “right” and having others follow our way, that’s when we falter. A lecture on the evils of sugar will most likely cause the listener to either feel guilty and depressed, or to disregard you as a zealot and walk away. Yet that same passion for health, shared as a joyful chat about your delicious raw fruit smoothies (perhaps accompanied by a yummy sample of your creations) has the potential to inspire others to seek out those experiences for themselves.

What is it that’s behind what you do? What powers your most beloved interests? Whatever your focus, look at it with the eyes of love and positivity. If you find yourself focused on what you don’t like, turn it around and ask how you can bring in more of what you love. Take small steps. Bit by bit, raise your vibration. As you choose to move toward what you love, your energy ripples outward into the world. More suffering won’t help. Instead, show your compassion by finding your bliss and sharing it joyfully. You’re not alone in this. Together we’re raising the collective vibration of the planet – and what a celebration we’re creating!