Quote for Today

Hi all, Starcat here. I want to share with you this inspiring quote I got from an e-mail list. Enjoy!

“We began talking about an underlying feeling of unworthiness and it’s a
word that people throw around a lot, but the reason that we want to put
a little spotlight on it for just a moment is because when you are
connected to your source energy and the whole of you is flowing through,
you are liquid love. You love yourself, in which case your body thrives,
you love others in which case they benefit by being in your presence or
in your gaze. In other words, when you are allowing who you really are
to flow through you, you are like a breath of fresh air, you are healing
energy, you are clarifying energy, you are God force physically embodied
everywhere you go.”


Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker who dialogs with a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham.