Pie Crust Day

A few years ago, Starcat’s Mom taught her to make homemade pie crust. It was a task that had always appeared really difficult, but once Starcat learned how, it was actually quite simple. However, over time, she noticed that some days the pie crust came out terrific and on other days (using the same recipe) it was either mediocre or fell apart entirely. Apparently, some days just weren’t good for making pie crust. Maybe the weather had an effect, Starcat wasn’t as patient with the process, or perhaps it was just a fluke.

It’s like that with creative work, too. Some days you’re productive and your creative work goes smoothly. Hours pass and you barely notice, wrapped up in the joy of creating. On other days, you may have some inspired ideas, but have trouble expressing them on paper or canvas or whatever medium you’ve chosen. And on some days, you may feel blocked entirely and just can’t seem to get out of your own way. If you push through it and try to work anyway, your creations can seem stilted or forced.

We all want to get things done, but rather than fit yourself into a rigid schedule, it’s better in the big picture to relax into the ebb and flow of the creative process. Although there are artists who like to have a strict schedule and devote regular time to their art, many of us tend to have productive phases followed by a need to relax and recharge. Whichever way works for you, remember that your inspiration comes from within and can be sparked by unique events that serve as a catalyst. When you get these bursts of inspiration, honor them by following through. Everyone has days (or weeks) when it looks like not much is happening, but these are the times when you’re resting up for future surges of creativity.

If you start feeling frustrated when your work isn’t as fruitful as you’d like, take a break. Go for a walk, take care of some mundane tasks, or read a good book. Doing something other than your creative work will distract your conscious mind while your subconscious bubbles along in the background. When you do feel inspired to go back to your desk or work space, you’ll be refreshed and ready to begin anew.

On a day that just isn’t good for pie crust, rather than getting upset about the lack of pie, take yourself out for an ice cream cone instead!