PawedCats Podcast Ep. 608: Radical Play and the Fertile Edge

Joining us on the PawedCats Podcast is Andrea Parker of The Rejuvenation Grange. We’ll chat about radical play and how to encourage and incorporate more ways to enhance your life and business by staying on the fertile edge. Also, you’ll learn more about your own personal superpowers and how to encourage and practice them every day.

The PawedCats Podcast is a regular dose of good cheer, spiritual insights, and ways to live a more soulful life.

More about Andrea:

Hi, I am Andrea Parker, founder of The Rejuvenation Grange. I am a Master educator, soulful business coach and facilitator. In the last 8 years I have created and run three businesses and from that experience I have learned how to create Empowered Success Systems with a Soul.

I spent the first 12 years of my professional life teaching children through integrating curriculum with play and exploration. I loved this work and it gave me the skills of getting people where they are and helping them create playfully while facilitating their own transformation.

Teaching in the education system was rewarding but after 12 years of working in the system I felt depleted physically, emotionally and mentally drained at which point I was called to explore the artist I was before my teaching career. This journey of playing my way to creating a business I loved has been an amazing journey.

When I started this journey, I wanted:
Freedom to explore my creative visions.
To be present in my daughter’s life.
To create my unique daily and weekly rhythm and to still make a difference in the world and make a living doing all of this.

The Rejuvenation Grange was born from my sacred vision of making space for people to explore their playful nature and push themselves to their own fertile edge. I do this by guiding people to bring their Sacred Creative Vision to the world, design their entrepreneurial playground (playful and grounded business processes) and coach them to create a vibrant work/life rhythm that feed their souls.