Meditation is one of the tools that we encourage for those seeking to explore themselves more deeply. There are many ways to meditate. They can be either guided or self-directed. By seeking within first, you can find that which you seek outside of yourself.

Essentially, meditation allows us to connect more directly with our inner knowing. Through vivid imagery and calming pathways we can access our deep yearnings and bring forth thoughts and ideas that can guide us in the directions we most want. The wisdom that comes from seeking within allows each of us the opportunity to find connection with other beings as well as help us lay to rest our “monkey mind.”

We do a chakra cleansing guided meditation which allows us to not only access the energies of our inner selves, but to access the divine connections we have with All-That-Is. By focusing within, we can better offer our true selves to others. Be the way you want the world to be. You can do this by learning who you are and what you really want. Know thyself.