Many Forms of Power

Many Forms of Power
by BlackLion

As Hurricane Irene passed through our area last weekend, the power of nature was in full force. Strong winds and driving rain are manifestations of this type of energy, a power born of air, earth, and water.

Another form of power, electricity, was knocked out during the storm. We spent the better part of the evening strengthening our family bonds. By candle power, we read aloud, played games, and talked. The power of connection was bolstered during the storm as the routine surrounding our use of electric power was disrupted.

Power-from-within is a source for each of us to tap into. Recognizing our personal power to weather any storm will help shield and nourish us as needed. Filling up with our spiritual power, we can continue our journey with intuition and soul purpose.

Every day we encounter different forms of power. How we handle them is a measure of our awareness and attunement to our own center of power. As you go through your day, remember to check in with your source of power. Acknowledge and respect the power of the world and those you encounter.