Love Before You Do

Love Before You Do
by BlackLion

Over the past week or so, I have come up with some amazing personal insights that I want to share. The first one is my new mantra, “I can do it!” You would be amazed at how often this little reminder has come in handy. I am always refreshed and invigorated by this phrase. To me, it is the ultimate encouragement of self-love.

By focusing on love before you perform any task or think about any subject, you create more love in the process. Being in the state of love allows the universe to be in concert with your thoughts and actions. Sometimes it may seem like the ultimate challenge to get into a loving space and we have shared many techniques to help you re-center and focus on your deep desires.

The process can be quite simple to figure out but may be harder to implement, depending on your current mindset. Find anything about your current situation, or something completely different, that when you think about it, makes you feel a little better. Continue to have those thoughts and you will find yourself in a better mood. Depending on the difference between what you are feeling now and a loving feeling, this may take a little while.

Loving yourself and the world before you take action or go down a path of thought will increase the joy and love in the world. Though the other direction can also be true, upward spirals are much more expansive, freeing, and compassionate. Perhaps create a mantra to remind yourself of the loving energies you want to experience in your life. You can do it!