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Why keep it magickal?

What makes reality so compelling? The real reality is the one when you are fully present in the “now” moment. What? You thought it was about death, taxes, and a billion other ideas that people say are in reality? In a sense, yes, the experiences that you’ve had and will have are part of reality, but the vast majority of your experienced reality is remembering what happened, or what you recall happened, in your life as well as projection of your current circumstances onto future reality, which you harp upon so readily.

Reality is an open, complex, vast network of electromagnetic and quantum superpositions of overlapping waveforms in which some (or all) of these waveforms interacts and reacts with the other co-waveforms that you experience personally, and others experience personally, and most of it is impossible to know, comprehend, or understand as a new present moment happens ad infinitum.

What you experience every day is your waveform interpretation of the inputs filtered through your lens of perspective. Your unique observer consciousness has, from its inception, been your conduit to experiencing everything else, or at least your miniscule portion of which you have so far experienced. In other words, can you really say that you know reality at all?

What if there was no objective reality on which to hang our hats of consciousness? What if we instead recognize that reality is a relative proposition (Einstein’s version included)? At the most fundamental level, our physical bodies are made up on quantum bits that form into the vast array of subatomic and atomic particles, which when bonded together form complex molecules, which become the building blocks of “solid” things, including the soil, rocks, magma, oceans, algae, plants, animals, human beings (all of us), ecosystems, planetary ecology, gravitational attraction, nuclear fission and fusion, stars, galaxies, and even dark matter.

What does this have to do with Keepin’ It Magickal? Everything!

Can you imagine a more perfect example of the intricate, various, and nuanced ways the universe has created our reality? And you, yes you, are an integral part of the whole universal ecosystem. This is the light-switch moment. Given your ability to change, think anew, reinforce, or manage (or mismanage) your personal ecology (your body and environment it inhabits) through the thoughts, feelings, and actions you choose or experience, as a conscious creator, or observer consciousness, you get to influence, indeed create the reality that works for your current physical waveform.

If something doesn’t resonate quite right, you’ll find ways to alleviate or circumvent the experience another time. It’s a learned behavior and may have become a defense mechanism to protect you from unexpected harm. What the magick part is about, is using conscious choices to do the relief part of the healing process. In other words, changing reality using conscious will, the first method of inquiry is observation. Ask yourself: 

  • What am I experiencing right now?
  • What feelings are the majority of my daily experience?
  • Where do I go to find comfort and peace?
  • With whom do I feel the most alive? Or do I feel best in solitude?
  • What are some clear signs that begin to make me feel uncomfortable?
  • How can I soothe anxiety yet celebrate excitement?
  • How often do I do something considered a habit or vice?
  • What about that feeling do I most want, the fundamental or core belief of why I do what I do?

You may not know any of the answers, or perhaps you’re afraid of revealing the “ugly truth” that you are not who you think you are. You are a powerful co-creator of this universe, and through your habits, beliefs, and the feelings that drive them, you change reality to fit within your perception of what reality would be that contains you in it.

To say it another way, you are living exactly as you expect to be living. And when expectations change, through self-righteous belief or interpreted reality, your experience of reality shifts along with it. Sure, objectivity would be ideal, but through our physical and non-physical senses, two people, even twins, do not have the same experience of reality as another. 

And by Keepin It Magickal, you are within your divine right to make different choices that even your younger self would not have chosen. Change is constant. Every interaction ripples throughout the vast network of reality, affecting, reflecting, inverting, and interpreting as it goes, thus your thoughts and memories are always changing. Some being repaved over older less “memorable” occasions, like what you had for breakfast on February 22, 2019, with ones like how much you love expressing yourself through writing, art, computer coding, conversation, music, and other valuable and impactful experiences.

Indeed, who are you not to use your magickal superpowers?

To put it in comic book form, what villainous plot has coerced you into purposefully suppressing your innate talents, gifts, perspective, and who you do or do not love? It’s like Superman eating Kryptonite cereal for breakfast every day instead of defending truth, justice, and freedom.

Allow yourself to feel regret, remorse, or even shame for not fully living your potential. Let it go through choosing right now to live a charmed life. The worries you had before were just silly nonsense you learned from someone who learned from some sort of bad game of telephone about reality and what is or is not magickal.

All of it is magickal, including you personally!

Keepin’ it Magickal is about remembering to be your true self and discovering ways to make it even better through awareness, observation, intention, repetition, and daily practice. It’s okay not to get it all at once –  opening the floodgates on your first day could be overwhelming. But when you truly tap into your magickal self, your reality becomes so much brighter, clearer, and fulfilling. And you may even kick yourself, for a moment, for not starting sooner!

We’re excited to share Keepin’ It Magickal, a weekly live call where you can find the answers you seek and resources to keep you on your own personal journey of discovery.

Keepin’ it Magickal! Join us each Thursday LIVE at 12:30pm Eastern, starting on June 29th.

A full hour for only $22.22

Yes, I want more Magick! Buy Now.