Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Meditation includes many benefits including becoming more centered, discovering a stronger connection to your inner wisdom, and gaining clarity of purpose. Whether you choose yoga, a walking meditation, or guided meditations, you’ll gain so much from taking the time for self-care.

Here are 3 remarkably restorative guided meditations that will give you the benefits of self-nurturing and self-care right away.

1. Drift to Sleep Guided Meditation

Just before you go to bed at night, let this calm and relaxing meditation guide you into slumber. What better way to let all your worries fade away, allowing you a smoother transition into sleep? Ahh, relax!

Warning, you’ll not want to do this one in the car!

2. Nurturing Wellness (from Guided Meditations for Self-Care)

By nurturing your body you will find relief from old tensions and become more aware of yourself and your body. When you go deep into this guided meditation, you’ll feel vibrant and connect to your true Well Being. Tap into your body’s natural restorative powers!

3. Mind (from Day 12 of the Alchemy of Core Beliefs)

Are you aware of all the thoughts you think each and every day? You have more than 20 every minute, and that’s not including your focus on the task at hand. Sink deeply into this guided meditation. You’ll find yourself in a safe place where you can really pay attention to what’s on your mind.

Looking for even more soothing and restorative meditations? Download our Guided Meditations for Self-Care right here!

“I love guided meditations… I had a look around and listened to quite a lot of them by different artists. But I really have to say that I found none at all comparable to yours! Both of you have just the perfect voices for it and also the content was crafted with so much love and attention. I really want you to know how special this is and that there are very few of this quality on the market! – Robyn from Germany