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Season 4


Episode 407: The Time Travel Edition (26:58) (24.6 MB)

In which we walk to Boston, shadow-dance with Percy, keep our high vibes, ditch the “shoulds,” and party with our freedom tribe.


Episode 406: Creative Presence Part 2 (20:33) (18.8 MB)

In which we bless the trees, warm up Merlin’s favorite chair, focus on the process of creativity and being present, and… eat bacon?


Episode 405: Creative Presence Part 1 (20:58) (19.1 MB)

In which we hear about cat and dog adventures, get an extraplanar update, dream of shoes, and learn to welcome new ideas through combining creativity and mindfulness.


Episode 404: Welcoming Inspiration (26:05) (23.8 MB)

In which we clear the well, stay up late with the four-leggers, take a back seat, record eureka moments, and let inspiration flow.


Episode 403: Attracting What You Really Want (29:58) (27.4 MB)

In which we snuggle with the cats, act as a guardian for a transformation, enjoy a magnificent feast, learn to upgrade our vibrations, and share our own take on the Law of Attraction.


Episode 402: The First Stirring Toward Spring (25:00) (22.8 MB)

In which we notice the longer days, giggle at playful felines, plant new seeds, caution tragic horses, and share techniques for nurturing your seedlings.


Episode 401: Starcat’s Top Books of the Year (30:55) (28.5 MB)

In which we spy cats in boxes, make peace through music, share some top-notch books, party with Pumpkin, and give you a taste of what’s to come from Feline Dreamers in 2013.

Season 3


Episode 326: Balancing Your Energies (25:13) (23.0 MB)

In which we add a surprising new family member, soothe Percy, party with islanders, offer ways to handle intense emotions, and learn to navigate the holiday season gracefully.


Episode 325: The New Consciousness (26:41) (24.4 MB)

In which we get cuddled by Merlin, study with metaphysical scientists, learn new concepts, share experiments to discover your unique creations, and explore the frontiers of the new consciousness.


Episode 324: Flowing with the Samhaintide (21:27) (19.6 MB)

In which we paint our claws black, help Merlin heal, rub kitten bellies, watch time fly, and go introspective.


Episode 323: Playful Improvisation (25:30) (23.3 MB)

In which we help Merlin heal, avoid mass hypnosis, admire Percy’s camouflage, adopt a playful attitude, and swing like the jazz greats.

Episode 322: Feel the Earth Move…
(26:23) (24.1 MB)

In which we experience our first earthquake, form a circle of protection, dance with Percy, focus on new creations, and encourage collective transformation.

Episode 321: Seasonal Transitions
(25:07) (22.9 MB)

In which we anticipate Starcat’s birthday, hide from the epic battle, find balance in the middle of the change of season, enjoy Percy’s meows, and give thanks for the harvest.

Episode 320: Life and Death
(28:24) (26.0 MB)

In which we wait out the thunderstorm, head off on a cruise, boldly walk the path, get woken up by Percy, and ponder deeply about life and death.

Episode 319: Self-Worthiness
(25:42) (23.5 MB)

In which we welcome our executive producer, miss ElvenTiger, share our new creations, eschew the train, and find ways to feel worthy of love and abundance.

Episode 318: Flowing with Your Inner Spirit
(28:16) (25.8 MB)

In which June ate us and spit us out in July, we make some inner home improvements, get summoned to bed by Percy cat, learn to go with the flow, and share tips for staying connected to your spirit when things get busy.

Episode 317: Restoring Your Balance
(26:13) (24.0 MB)

In which we try to avoid ninjas, pet Merlin under a pine tree, do a self-assessment to keep our balance, observe some steampunk faeries, and consider the Venus transit of the Sun.

Episode 316: The Best of Things
(27:56) (25.5 MB)

In which we get extra silly, help heal Poopsie cat, drum in a parade, see things in the best light, and share some fun new projects.

Episode 315: Encouraging Your Creativity
(24:56) (22.8 MB)

In which we dodge the rain, drum for the steampunks, give birth to a book, find new ways to be creative, and keep Percy awake a little longer.

Episode 314: Gaining a Level
(22:22) (20.4 MB)

In which we sip chai tea, ponder Merlin’s mysteries, pet the gremlins, make Percy a co-producer, and go “ding.”

Episode 313: Super Self-Love
(25:03) (22.9 MB)

In which we join the revolution, nip the cats, share some lovely letters, take a pause, and learn to love ourselves more.

Episode 312: Yay Freedom!
(27:52) (25.5 MB)

In which we play in the waterpark, see Percy flip for sunshine, talk about Life Rocks!, dream of getting out of the hospital, and enjoy being ourselves.

Episode 311: Multiple Intelligences and Creativity
(24:19) (22.2 MB)

In which we admire Percy’s rock dance, share our upcoming gigs, do random yoga, give tips for synthesizing your intelligences, and wish for Merlin’s purrs.

Episode 310: Spring Cleansing
(23:57) (21.9 MB)

In which we dream big, avoid animal testing, help with the maple fest, say “yes!” to our passions, and celebrate a forthcoming book.

Episode 309: Many Ways to Love, Part 2
(22:33) (20.6 MB)

In which we determine that we are not boring, discuss tools for love and relationships, play pounce games with Percy, focus on the present moment, and love unconditionally.

Episode 308: Many Ways to Love, Part 1
(21:31) (19.6 MB)

In which we drive by a lake, explore alternative love paths, harness spiritual energy, and watch snowy cats enjoy the weather.

Episode 307: Be Your Own Role Model
(22:06) (20.2 MB)

In which we cuddle the cat brothers, cultivate patience, receive gold coins, play around with time, and help you help yourself.

Episode 306: The Service Connection
(24:46) (22.6 MB)

In which we share afternoon tea, dance at Woodstock, nap with Percy, get connected, and learn to fill up our cups.

Episode 305: Spiritual Self-Expression
(26:19) (24.0 MB)

In which we observe some mischievous moon cats, give away some coaching sessions, ride on a spaceship, giggle about timing, and spiritually express ourselves.

Episode 304: Sustainable Happiness
(24:35) (22.5 MB)

In which we see cats at the watering hole, drive a curvy road, eat at the faerie feast, let go of problems, and tend the garden of happiness.

Episode 303: Extreme Kindness
(23:54) (21.8 MB)

In which we welcome a new friend, dream of disses and purrs, learn to be kind, share food with the cat vulture, and celebrate feline healing.

Episode 302: What’s Your Passion, Lovecat?
(24:12) (22.1 MB)

In which we reunite Merlin and Aunt Peg, share a pillow with Percy, tour the ice sculptures, hear about ElvenTiger’s birthday plans, and talk with Lovecat about her dreams.

Episode 301: Starcat’s Top Books of the Year
(30:20) (27.7 MB)

In which we get shivery whiskers, share some excellent books, explore fire and ice, empower the community, and enjoy some adorable purrs.

Season 2


Episode 250: Making 2012 Amazing, Parts 3 and 4: Word of the Year and Vision Boards (25:45) (23.5 MB)

In which we enjoy cats in boxes, talk about the word of the year, get lost in France, create vision boards, and celebrate with gratitude and joy.

Episode 249: Making 2012 Amazing, Part 2: Your Year in Review
(23:34) (21.5 MB)

In which we spy a cat under the tree, frolick in the snow, try to get back in the loop, get a bird’s eye view, and hang out in our pajamas.

Episode 248: Making 2012 Amazing, Part 1: Dream Mapping
(23:58) (21.9 MB)

In which we give an update on Merlin’s healing, meet a grandmother, share some survey results, delve into dream mapping, and open a dialogue with you.

Episode 247: Nurturing on a Shoestring
(25:05) (22.9 MB)

In which we help Merlin heal, guide some meditations, get chomped by a Great Dane, find affordable ways to nurture ourselves, and crave a fruit smoothie.

Episode 246: Why Thank You!
(23:07) (21.1 MB)

In which we scratch each other’s backs, get snuggled by cats, give and receive empowerment, rescue the superhero, and give thanks for our many blessings.

Episode 245: That Unschool Spirit
(23:27) (21.4 MB)

In which we check in on the aliens, stock up on Percy purrs, celebrate a birthday, and share some unschool spirit.

Episode 244: Core Beliefs
(23:10) (21.2 MB)

In which we master a challenging game, warm Percy’s toes, ask for feedback, and explore the meaning and power of core beliefs.

Episode 243: Daily Spiritual Living
(22:35) (20.6 MB)

In which we adore Percy and trick-or-treat with Merlin, focus within, edit a term paper, and find balance in daily living.

Episode 242: Dark of the Year, Part 2 of 2
(21:20) (19.5 MB)

In which we say hello to Mischief, go to the circle with the fae, get lost in New York City, and check in with our ancestors and other family members.

Episode 241: Dark of the Year, Part 1 of 2
(25:00) (22.8 MB)

In which we find Percy in his various habitats, dream of Mystick, coach and drum, and begin to look within. Awww!

Episode 240: Following Through on Intentions
(23:19) (21.3 MB)

In which we rub Percy’s belly, lose the car but find a friend, get psyched about personal spirituality coaching, and give some tips for following through on your intentions.

Episode 239: The Sash is Back
(22:56) (20.9 MB)

In which we have a visit from our good friend Sash, sit by the fire, look for a cat without a tale, endure fever dreams, and travel to the Arctic Circle.

Episode 238: Signs From the Universe
(22:02) (20.1 MB)

In which we help give birth to new ideas, upset the cats a bit, watch the deer, learn to create omens-to-order, and make the meowtro official.

Episode 237: Sow and Reap
(19:55) (18.2 MB)

In which we infiltrate a mall, spy climbing cats, reap what we sow, and share Mabon’s bounty.

Episode 236: Open to the Possibilities
(24:28) (22.3 MB)

In which we create games, channel rhythms, see some signs of autumn, and learn from everyone we meet.

Episode 235: Life Is Cool
(24:51) (22.7 MB)

In which we visit Felix and Flavia, play a mountain game, talk about some of our passions, and dish out some homework.

Episode 234: Emotional Compass
(23:31) (21.5 MB)

In which we practice our superpowers, celebrate some birthdays, drum for magicians, and learn to use our emotional compass to stay on the path.

Episode 233: Connecting and Receiving
(26:39) (24.3 MB)

In which we get stomped on by ninja kitties, take care of some holiday shopping, invent some words, and learn to connect and receive.

Episode 232: Tapping Into Your Intuition
(22:20) (20.4 MB)

In which we get an extraplanar update, see evidence of an escape by Merlin, sail the open seas, and get playful to encourage inspired wisdom. Executive Producer: Sir Percival Lovecat

Episode 231: Change, Change, Change
(22:22) (20.4 MB)

In which we don’t capture an alien, tidy up the sacred isle, get a sign from the Universe, and share ways to cope with change.

Episode 230: The Practice of Practical Practice
(24:53) (22.7 MB)

In which we lose stuff in our dreams, call for the kittens, relieve stress, and remember to be mindful during daily routines.

Episode 229: Re-Inspiring Yourself
(22:59) (21.0 MB)

In which we keep cool with Percy, get re-inspired, share Marriah’s dream, and check out some summer reading.

Episode 228: Expanding Your Imagination
(23:28) (21.4 MB)

In which we have a chat with Grogg, rescue Percy from a fan, make way for the shark, and share some ways to encourage your imaginative powers.

Episode 227: Summer Fun Fun Fun
(21:57) (20.0 MB)

In which we enjoy the company of TWO cats, get acquainted with a fascinating fae being, find hilarity in water play, and score some tickets.

Episode 226: Seeking Emotional Presence
(25:43) (23.5 MB)

In which we find Percy – just in time, look at the year so far, take away the rats, and find comfort during an intense time.

Episode 225: It’s the Summer Solstice Show! (now with more cats)
(25:08) (23.0 MB)

In which we attend the big faerie dance, look for a laundry bag, tell new cat adventures, and stay up ALL DAY.

Episode 224: Creative Living
(20:56) (19.1 MB)

In which we ask whatcha want, pet Percival Lovecat, dream of healing bays, get creative, and express ourselves through song and laughter.

Episode 223: Playfulness is Important
(20:02) (18.3 MB)

In which we enjoy summer – cat-style, share some feline correspondance, dream of axes and words, and take time out to play.

Episode 222: Creative Collective
(22:37) (20.7 MB)

In which we see picnic table cats, investigate an underground haunting, love ourselves a little more, eat local foods, and take time out to breathe.

Episode 221: When I Grow Up
(22:42) (20.7 MB)

In which we hug the cats, meet a mad scientist, share our passions, avoid the dangerous shortcut, and persevere.

Episode 220: The Freak Out
(22:45) (20.8 MB)

In which we watch for flying snakes, welcome Percy back from his camping trip, avoid an octopus machine, sit in meditation, and let go of our freak-out selves.

Episode 219: In the Garden
(23:15) (21.2 MB)

In which we confuse the dog, let Percy in and out (many times), protect our microclimates, file the garden, and drink directly from the bottle.

Episode 218: Hey Now
(25:15) (23.1 MB)

In which we say goodbye to Miss Molly, dream of Justin Bieber, celebrate our anniversary, and focus on…now.

Episode 217: Mayday, Mayday!
(19:05) (17.4 MB)

In which we rise early with Merlin (then go back to sleep), discover what Beltane is, plan a May basket, flee from angry bees, and reminisce with the Ember Faeries.

Episode 216: What’s Your Passion, Wendy?
(29:06) (26.6 MB)

In which we meditate with a purring cat, go in-depth with our friend Wendy Brown, author of “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs,” and get a hug from Buffy and company.

Episode 215: Cats Volunteer
(22:09) (20.2 MB)

In which we pet Percy cat, volunteer for our favorite causes, take a survey, explore dream themes, and examine the notion of impermanence (all before breakfast!).

Episode 214: The Water Episode
(21:06) (19.3 MB)

In which we listen to burbling streams, bless the waters, discover a new type of yoga, run in a dreamy race, and have our toes purred on by kittens.

Episode 213: Foolishness and Merriment
(21:27) (19.6 MB)

In which we share some April Fool’s Day history, snuggle our favorite cat brothers, go to the wrong meeting, get silly (what else is new?), and crave veggie burgers.

Episode 212: Faerie Spring Rush
(20:57) (19.1 MB)

In which we get our paws wet in some spring snow, battle interdimensional forces, hear the Mud Faerie chorus, and follow the bubbling stream of spring’s intense energy.

Episode 211: What The Future Might Hold
(24:57) (22.8 MB)

In which we share some future news, check on Alice and the gerbils, hear Val’s dream of a spider, and find hope for the future…and toilet paper.

Episode 210: Laughter Mojo
(21:56) (20.0 MB)

In which we laugh, weave a spell, laugh, enjoy a playful cat, laugh some more, get a self-love update, giggle, talk about laughter mojo, and guffaw (plus, some bonus knock-knock jokes)!

Episode 209: What’s Your Passion, Quester?
(23:29) (21.4 MB)

In which we welcome a fox to the Den, contemplate a Vermont road trip, enjoy some tunes, and dream of spring.

Episode 208: Letting Go
(22:54) (20.9 MB)

In which we rush to get to the podcast on time, share a contest-winning dream, experience epiphanies and their aftermath, let go of control, and spy some cuddling cats.

Episode 207: Learning Styles
(22:09) (20.2 MB)

In which we check in with the cabin fever cats, play on an icy beach, share some peaceful groovy news, and explore learning styles, including why it’s good to let yourself fail.

Episode 206: Good Nightie, Aphrodite
(24:16) (22.2 MB)

In which we cook up some yummy treats, sympathize with Merlin about a skunk incident, cross the flooded river, and talk about positive communication.

Episode 205: Frolicking Winter Faeries
(20:23) (18.6 MB)

In which we check in with the extraplanar news, spend time with bored cabin-fever cats, get a glimpse at the lives of the fae in winter, and try to rescue Merlin’s kittens.

Episode 204: What’s Your Passion, AresRules?
(23:12) (21.2 MB)

In which we do battle along with Ares, dream about a bad football game, hear a stomping good ghost story, and help free the drama llamas.

Episode 203: What About Reiki?
(21:22) (19.5 MB)

In which we wing the intro, worry a bit about a broken door, check in with humans and felines, talk about Reiki healing, and create visions for 2011.

Episode 202: What’s Your Passion, Sash?
(32:03) (29.3 MB)

In which we talk about playing games, get put to sleep by a purring kitten, discover mapping and GIS, learn how to deal with stress, and dream of bouncing balls.

Episode 201: Goals and Creations
(19:59) (18.2 MB)

In which we get momentarily angsty, take chances at the casino, let creativity flow, share some goal-setting awesomeness, and change our episode numbering system.

Season 1

Episode 116: Starcat’s Best Books of 2010
(22:37) (20.7 MB)

In which we see cats play with snow and their favorite toys, leave while the getting’s good, recommend some good reads, and run out of time.

Episode 115: It’s the Holiday Season…
(16:31) (15.1 MB)

In which we sing Christmas carols, learn to be present, get attacked by kitten cats, and dream of the memoir of a werecat.

Episode 114: Resistance is Futile
(16:53) (15.4 MB)

In which we decorate with dragonflies, almost get our picture taken, yearn for cake, express our gratitude, and try to avoid getting snow on our paws.

Episode 113: Maintaining a Good Headspace
(21:36) (19.7 MB)

In which we ruminate on news from other dimensions, witness a feline turf war, dream about a career change, and discuss how to keep your spirits sunny during the darkest part of the year.

Episode 112: Peaceful Holidays
(22:48) (20.8 MB)

In which we live on a train, feed Percy-cat some cranberry sauce, share our daily practices, and relax into the holiday season.

Episode 111: Hey, Thanks!
(18:04) (16.5 MB)

In which we open a Letter to the Cats, share BlackLion’s spirit song, get excited about eleven, unleash the magickal power of thumbs, get thankful, and hear Percy’s purr of approval.

Episode 110: Uplifting Yourself
(21:36) (19.7 MB)

In which we sacrifice Starcat, learn about uplifting energy techniques, give a multi-project update, and do our first-ever sound effects story.

Episode 109: Pagan Lent
(22:10) (20.2 MB)

In which we fight fires, create Heartlings, share an intense weekend, sing a merry jingle, and describe why we had no dessert.

Episode 108: What’s Your Passion, Dryst?
(17:12) (15.7 MB)

In which we do tongue twisters, get some breathing space, interview Dryst about soccer and video games, and dream big.

Episode 107: Creepy Cool
(15:46) (14.4 MB)

Our special creepy cool edition, in which we watch out for snipers, coo at a witchy kitten, join a gypsy jamboree, and learn about energy tides.

Episode 106: Synchronicity
(17:32) (16.0 MB)

In which we dream of faster food, continue to experience strange car-ma, spy a flyin’ lion, and explore the concept of synchronicity.

Episode 105: In the Flow
(17:33) (16.0 MB)

In which we find freaky pigs and hobbits for peace, get rescued by fae friends we hadn’t met yet, and share ways to stay in the flow.

Episode 104: Ch-ch-ch-Changes
(19:05) (17.4 MB)

In which we warn of flying reptiles, a Kat dreams of turkeys, Big Wind blows, we munch some chili san carne, and the kittens sleep nearby.

Episode 103: Practical Weirdness
(17:37) (16.1 MB)

In which we dry off the kittens, share a dream about a cat circle, visit the Faerie Port, and offer some tips for practical weirdness.

Episode 102: Autumnal Equinoxical Episodal
(20:15) (18.5 MB)

In which we welcome Fall by reciting a Faerie Tidings, honor a kitten spirit, dream away anger, and uncover what’s going on with one of our favorite unschoolers.

Episode 101: Cat Magick
(15:48) (14.4 MB)

In which we talk about Cat Magick, share our first Dream of the Week segment, plead for marketing help, and take our first Letter to the Cats.

Episode 100: Introducing the Podcast
(9:53) (9.06 MB)

Our first podcast! We discuss the format of the show, talk about our cats, and reveal some silly thoughts. You’ll also be invited to contribute to the podcast.