Learn How Spirituality Can Power Your Daily Life

Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life than the crazy hamster wheel you’re spinning dizzily around on?

Do you wonder how to bring more soulful awareness into your day-to-day experience?

Are you freaking out about the state of the world and what we’re leaving for our descendants?

You can back away from the “shoulds” and compromises and spend time doing what you really love to do. You’ll learn to feel secure in doing the things that you came here to this Earth to do.

You truly can achieve your biggest dreams by taking small steps each day. You are allowed to live your most meaningful life, free from disconnection and distraction. You can help change the world!

What do you have to give up to do this?

Initially, nothing. Except maybe a few minutes of Netflix or social media scrolling.

You can get started with bringing more soulful awareness to your day by taking baby steps. Listen to an uplifting podcast episode while you’re driving. Do a guided meditation just before going to sleep. You don’t have to radically change your routine (unless that appeals to you). You can invite inspiration into your life a bit at a time. Get started by choosing just one thing, adding it to your day, and noticing how it feels.

How do we know this is even possible?

We’re doing it ourselves. Starcat began her daily spiritual practice when her kids were tiny, carving out just ten minutes in the morning to get her day headed in a positive direction. Two decades later, she spends her days following her soul’s callings.

Feline Dreamers is a business based on the thoughts and inspirations of Starcat and BlackLion. We offer you a unique framework for exploring personal growth, one where your spirituality powers your daily life. We offer writings, guided meditations, and services focused on living joyfully in accordance with your deepest desires.

Why Feline Dreamers?

We came up with the name Feline Dreamers because we connect strongly with feline energy. To us, cats embody independence, freedom, joy, playfulness, and wisdom. Our dreams, the playground of the mind, provide us with space to be creative and interact more freely with our inner beings. We are also dreamers in the sense of wishing to affect the world in magnificent ways.

The Philosophy

Here at Feline Dreamers, we see spirituality as unique to each individual. We feel that each person chooses what they believe. We offer our help to those who seek to discover more about their personal journey. Our writings and teachings are a distillation of our own life experiences, intuitions, explorations, and studies. We draw from many sources to create our unique philosophy and approach. Anyone can use the tools we offer, regardless of their religious or spiritual practices.

Visit our Shoppe, Services, and Listen pages to check out what’s available. You might want to start with the basics: creating time in your life for regular spiritual practice. For a deeper experience, our kits and coaching services are intended to help you connect with your true spiritual nature and release old blockages. We also do in-person speaking engagements and workshops and play percussion for yoga classes and other events.

Who Are We?
Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Nikki Starcat Shields is a published author, book midwife, licensed priestess, practical mystic, and fae scholar of the mysteries. She loves to share ways she strives to live her personal spirituality, rooted in reverence and joy, even in the midst of a full, busy modern life. Starcat has been an avid reader since birth, which helped her navigate life despite her highly sensitive Virgo nature.

Never having been part of any organized religion, Starcat grew up immersed in the world of Mother Nature and the life of the imagination. She is a Pagan priestess and has studied Earth-based religions, Tarot, meditation, Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, yoga, the Law of Attraction, quantum metaphysics, and Reiki healing.

Starcat has been doing a daily spiritual practice for more than 20 years. Her passions include creativity, daily spiritual practice, books, expanding her self-love, dancing, drumming, and dreaming. She is a hippie-geek hybrid who loves The Grateful Dead and playing Dungeons & Dragons. She believes in creative freedom for all beings, loves diversity, and is always learning. She is feminist, vegetarian, and polyamorous, but doesn’t proselytize.

As you can probably tell from her name, Starcat adores cats of all stripes. She loves to swim and is one-quarter mermaid. She is constantly changing. Most of her writings are focused on personal spirituality, but she has recently begun dipping her toes into the waters of fiction writing. Starcat walks her spiritual path in Maine and other faerie-approved lands. As a book midwife, she helps people bring their wisdom into the world in written form. She can also be found blogging at Starcat’s Corner.


Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Brent BlackLion Nelson flirts with life by dancing, playing music, writing inspiring ideas, and communing with nature. This playful lion loves to be inspired and to inspire those in his family, community and world. He shares his passions of permaculture, spiritual awakening, communing with faeries, the vastness of the universe, and unusual style through the website he and his partner, Starcat, created called Feline Dreamers.

Whether through kindness, wit, wonder, or simply dancing around in animal costumes, BlackLion shares his unique creativity with the world and encourages others to play in the bright sunshine of spiritual light. You can also read his semi-regular blog, BlackLion’s Den, which contains his insights, musings, and creations to tickle your spirit and feel snuggled by his restorative explorations.