One of the great joys and challenges that we face sometimes is WHICH project to work on. Starcat and I are both interested in many different types of things and we are also dedicated to finishing them all! :)

So our goal recently is to work on whatever project most inspires us. Whether it is one of the many books we have in queue or other art or spiritual projects, either together or solo, we each are able to enjoy the process.

On the other hand, when it seems like we have TOO many projects to work with, we can sometimes get a bit frazzled around the edges. Not to mention things that the kids want to be a part of, like soccer, sleepovers, homeschool projects, etc.

In any event, our juggling act continues to roll forward (so to speak) and today we got more accomplished on the Core Belief Kit as well as helping plan the Samhain ritual we are having…on Samhain! :)

We also recently met with our friend Max (http://mortalityfigure.com/) about branding our website and getting cool imagery. Hopefully we can get our first peek at it soon!