Interview with Wendy Brown

This week Feline Dreamers had the pleasure of speaking with our friend Wendy Brown, author of a new book called “Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs: The Thrivalist’s Guide to Life Without Oil.” We had a great time talking to her about sustainability and empowerment on this week’s PawedCats Podcast.

We learned a great deal about how to get started at our own homestead, what we can do to empower ourselves to locally source our own food, and many other encouraging thoughts and ideas about what to do as the price of gasoline keeps getting higher and higher. Wendy is very passionate and knowledgeable and we were glad to have a chance to talk with her. We’re thankful she shared a peek into her own life and spiritual practices, as well.

Wendy Brown writes an excellent thought-provoking blog, Surviving the Suburbs, and you can find her new book online at Barnes & Noble, as well as locally in Maine at Nonesuch Books in Biddeford and Once & Again Books & CDs in Scarborough. Enjoy the interview!