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Faerie TidingsFaerie Tidings. We hope you enjoy these whimsical tales of a fae community as it moves through the seasons, celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Resource ListOur Resource List contains recommendations for websites, books, audio, and videos that have influenced our spiritual journeys.


Feline Dreamers specialize in coming up with ideas – the stranger the better. Here are some images and thoughts to help inspire your own creative process.

glowy jellyfish cloud
mermaid faerie fingers
golden iris ring
pink flamingo flying straws
puffy azure Christmas tree
troweling in the garden
a blueberry martini
lonely owls calling for their mates
whirring maple seed pods
bull-roarer mornings
tickles while stretching
sweet little kitten-cat foreheads
the mid-afternoon sleepies
Cake of the Month
purple plastic platter
a bronze faerie crown
reaching for the top shelf
silky flower petals
orange strobe lights
fuzzy puppy ears
diving off the bridge into the river
fluffy belly button lint
fabulously flowering inflorescence
perspiring iced tea glass
soft purring
open parking spot
frost-covered hand rail
full body stretches
freshly-opened lilac blossoms
marmalade fuzzy slippers
ovoid bowling ball returner
cloud gatherings
the dead delights of 100 years ago
knowing your love by heart
hot jazz on a cold winter night
seeing the room upside down
silver toenail polish
toast with raspberry jam
alien life-forms surfing gamma rays
a wild leap of faith
zebras with zippers
naturally-occurring monuments
habitually good days
inverted dragonfly 360°
plastic soluble detergent
whirly-gig wind chimes
outlaw oversouls
grey marble foyer
the heart of the rose
queen of middle earth
chronic wellness
purple-haired pixies passing out pamphlets
dancing into the shadows
alligators in galoshes
cats too cool for school
wide-eyed kisses
scuffling slippers skidding on linoleum
a pink-frosted birthday cupcake
sparkle faeries rising up to the deep dark sky
a lilting lullaby
tiger-striped flamingoes
freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
guardians of the elements
not saying what you’re understanding
organically-grown marbles
calling for your soul
homemade English muffins