Inner and Outer Motion

Inner and Outer Motion
by Starcat

As travelers along the spiritual path, we often look for progress on our journey. The culture we live in values outer motion, where we see our mobility reflected in a higher-paying job, a bigger house, or a newer car. Even in the realm of spirit, we can get caught up in a focus on outward signs of linear progress – adding more titles, degrees, or certificates, becoming more calm or forgiving toward others, or doing more volunteer work.

Yet there is an inner motion that is more subtle and less likely to move in a straight line. It’s less about visible results. We can best experience this inner motion when we are quiet and listening carefully. Our inner motion often travels in waves or cycles. It is entwined with our deepest desires and callings.

Sometimes we wish to combine our inner and outer momentum and take action in the world. At other times, our dearest wish may be for a quiet space where we can rest and reflect. These changing expressions may be in tune with the changing seasons and lunar phases, or perhaps our inner cycles are unique to us and flow in patterns we have yet to recognize.

It is important to honor our inner motion. If we can be flexible with our outer-world commitments, at least to some extent, then when we need time for inward focus we can do so without guilt. It is completely acceptable to take a day off just for one’s spiritual health, or to cancel a social engagement if it doesn’t feel like the right thing for that day. Too often we soldier on, checking off the events on our calendar. After all, they sounded good when we scheduled them, right? But it’s really okay to reevaluate our plans in the moment and make changes that reflect our current needs and desires.

When we pause our outer motion, we can better notice what’s going on within. We can rest, do some creative work, contemplate, or meditate. As we honor the deep cycles within, we come back to a place where we are in sync with the outer expression of our true nature. We can then move forward along the path, shining brightly as we share our unique being with the world.