by BlackLion

Every day I write three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing in my journal. The other day, I came up with a word that not only inspires me to achieve my goals, but is also a great reminder to change my focus to what I want whenever I feel lost or have strayed a bit from my chosen path.

The word is inevitable, as in, whatever I desire will arrive in my life. The only thing I can do to delay the arrival of this inevitable desire is to resist it, to focus on things that I don’t desire or on my desire not being here yet. It is the essential key to allowing life to happen the way I want.

Let’s do a quick exercise in inevitability: Take a few deep breaths. Once you are here in the present moment, focus on something you have always wanted. Know it, feel it, visualize it, and experience it as if it is already here. Now, know that it is inevitable that it will manifest in your life. You cannot avoid this desire in your life, no matter what. How would you act differently if you knew that you would achieve your desire?

Take a few moments to really grasp this idea of inevitability. There can be absolutely no doubt, no fear, no worries, no misunderstandings. You know for certain that you will achieve this desire. As you continue to feel this feeling of inevitability, allow yourself the joy and happiness that will ensue as you receive this beautiful bounty.

If you are having a challenging time, or you are worried about what you have been desiring or focusing on, don’t fret. If something you don’t like or don’t want pops into your head, take the time to focus again on what you most want and refine the vision. Sometimes the habit of negative thinking can get in the way, but if you focus first on what it feels like to feel positive, you can overcome this particular resistance.

Now, look at your life and see the things that are in line with your desires and see the things that are not currently in line with them. Let the things that are resistant go by focusing on the inevitable fulfillment of your desires. The circumstances and people that don’t jibe with your goals will transform or simply go away. Enjoy this process and remember this word: inevitable.