Getting to Your Goals

Getting to Your Goals
by Starcat and BlackLion

Sometimes, even if we are certain of our goals and intentions, it can be discouraging to think of how far we still have to go. Wisdom that seems simple on the surface, such as “spend your time doing the things you really want to do,” can seem out of reach when we “have” to work a day job, make dinner, or do the laundry. You may have a great idea for a new song or poem, but you know you won’t get any free time for at least the next several hours, if not days. How can we live creatively even if we’re still “making a living” doing things that don’t nurture us? And even more important, how can we make and measure progress towards doing what we love?

When we are really honest with ourselves, we know that we can “make” the time available to do our creative work. Refraining from watching our favorite TV shows or movies or reading the latest novel will free up large chunks of time to pursue our own creative inspirations. Occasional escapes from “reality” can be quite fun, but when they become addictive, can really sap the time and energy out of creating for ourselves. You can still recharge yourself when you are doing your soul work, and could even find it more rewarding than “zoning out.”

A good way to find time for our true work is to schedule it. It may sound overly organized, but scheduling time for yourself is as important as business meetings and oil changes, if not more so. You may schedule dinners with friends or family every week or two, so write in your calendar a regular “working” dinner with yourself. Committing to daily practices, even just 15 minutes of writing or meditation, can take you a long way toward helping fulfill your goals. Another way to ensure you are pursuing your soul work is to create an agreement with a friend to work together on a project, or to each choose a separate one. Check in with each other regularly to gauge your progress. Additionally, having a due date for a personal project can be a great motivation to work on it regularly.

Even when you are engaged in other tasks, keep track of your creative inspirations as they arise. Wherever you go, bring along a pad of paper or a sketch pad and something to write with. Or invest in a portable recording device, such as a dictation machine or an mp3 recorder. Inspiration can appear anywhere in any situation; make sure you can collect your soul’s creative messages. And be sure to follow through and develop them further when you are taking time for yourself.

One obstacle that many of us will deal with is other people’s expectations of us. We have found our true intentions, and changed our point of view, but our friends and family may still see us the way we were before our epiphanies. They have certain expectations of “normal” behavior from us, and they can get upset and perhaps even angry when we no longer behave the same way. This is especially true when we are trying to change how we spend our time. “We *always* have lunch together, why do you want to go off and make sketches?” or similar refrains may be heard as you apply the above techniques. Remember, you are the only one on your path, and you know what’s right for you. There is no need to apologize for your actions, as long as they come from a sincere fulfillment of your soul’s desires. Be kind to your loved ones, and also be clear about your intentions, and how you are changing to meet your new goals.