Follow-up Positive Thoughts

Follow-up Positive Thoughts
by BlackLion

Have you ever had a moment of clarity? A thought or idea that takes all the work and play that you have been doing for quite some time and transforms it into something wonderful? I had one today and I am so thankful for it.

Having these types of epiphanies is life-affirming and thoroughly enjoyable. My epiphany came after listening to an Abraham-Hicks segment on YouTube. The connection was simple: think about something that makes you really happy, anything, and follow it immediately by a thought or dream that you really want to experience. The result: a positive feeling about thoughts that might otherwise be filled with tension, lack, and resistance.

So how do you follow up on that kind of epiphany? Think happy thoughts! Begin simply by thinking and feeling that joy-filled thought. Mine is about how much I love my little kitty friends. Next I think a thought about the role of money in my life. An immediate positive thought! Repeat as many thoughts as you can that are good-feeling to you. If you find a grumpy thought or a worrisome one, go to the same happy thought or another one. Again, repeat.

Now, anytime during your day, you can take the thoughts that may have been keeping you stuck and turn them into momentum-building ones! As these kinds of thoughts become a habit, you can change your beliefs about pretty much anything and have a great time doing it. Have a wonderful life!