Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life
by BlackLion

What if, every day, you chose to do things that made you feel good? What would they be? Would they be profound or would they be simple pleasures? What about both/and?

Say you were driving down the highway coming up to a rest stop. The next rest stop is 37 miles after this one. Do you stop because you have to go to the bathroom just a little or do you keep going hoping to make good time? What if someone else in the car had to go to the bathroom, would you pull off the highway?

We all have a choice to be nice to ourselves or not. We also have a choice to be nice to other people or not. Depending on the circumstances this can be easy or challenging. But we each have a choice about what mood we want to be in as well, ultimately.

Being grumpy about any particular topic is a habit of thinking repeatedly in a way that you don’t like. Being happy is a habit as well, instead focusing on the things we enjoy the most. If we choose all our thoughts, could we purposefully choose the ones that feel good on a regular basis rather than ones that feel crappy?

Make a promise to yourself, repeatedly if you have to, that reaffirms your positive intentions. Every time you remember that you want to be happy, say your new mantra until you agree with it. Then enjoy your life for the wondrously unique expression of the universe it is.