Dream Work

Dream Work
by BlackLion

One of the things I’ve noticed about my recent dream work is that I remember my dreams more and more vividly. Over the past three decades or so, I have had very little recollection of my dreams. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t dream at all, or very little at least. Other people kept telling me about their weird dreams, but I could never tell a story about my own.

I read a book recently that really changed my sleep time. Richard Moss wrote a book called “Conscious Dreams.” Starcat recommended it to me and she said it was now in the top 13 most influential spiritual books on her list. And her list is rather large. She finished the book and immediately handed it to me. “You have to read this,” she said.

So I took it upon myself to read it. At first, I was expecting another book about dreams or spirituality. What I ended up with was a life-changing way of doing dream work. I hadn’t had any to speak of until I read the book. I had recently made a conscious effort to remember and record my dream-life, believing that I actually did dream, but still not remembering them.

I’ve now been having the most vivid, refreshing, and illuminating dreams I have ever had in my life. I am filling up my new dream journal with pages of dreams and dream snippets. My sleep time has changed such that when I wake up at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning, I turn on the light, reach for my handy dream journal and pen, and write down my latest dreams.

Each dream is a new way of looking at who I am and how I experience the universe. I have a greater sense of calm. I can face the fearful voices in my head and confront them compassionately, asking them each what they really want. After reconciling with them, I let them go freely back into the universal energy to be recycled and re-formed into other benevolent beings. My daily life, just from a more active dreamscape, has been changing and molding to conform more with the dream worlds that I want to continue to experience. I have been cleaning out my internal house, each night experiencing clean kitchens and living rooms, friendly faces, generous giving, kind words and thoughts. I am being transformed from the inside out!

By changing to a conscious dreaming life, rather than a hidden one, I am able to more freely be myself. I highly encourage everyone to start a dream journal and begin to see life from both sides of the waking veil. From my view, it is very thin and not as far away from our waking self as we may think. Reality, as we perceive it, can be limited and merely physical, yet by expanding our conscious awareness to include our dreams, we discover a vast and infinite universe to explore.