Snow Kisses

Snow Kisses
by BlackLion

Snow kisses from winter faeries
Paws in the trees
A blanket of white
Stillness fills the air

Blessed by the Goddess
A game of tag
With flying flakes
Connected with flow

Looking within
Creating dreams come …


Spanning the Universe

At the heart of it all
Deep down at the crux
The stars spun and swirled
As the dance went on.
The greens and reds intertwined
Among the branches and roots,
Majestic trees partnered with
Holy clouds and shining waters.…


Purple Tapestry (or Spiritual Nom Noms)

Purple Tapestry (or Spiritual Nom Noms)
by BlackLion

Infinite starlight,
Infinite dreams,
Infinite sunshine,
Infinite joy.
If the hearth-fire stays warm,
Can I still come home again?
If I fall asleep in your arms,
Can I still remember?
Breathing is …


Fire the Grid 7-17-07 7:11 am EDT (poem)

This is the path that no one thought.
We came together and no one knew,
Whether this will work or not.
But we all felt that this was true.

All, hand in hand, heart in heart.
We begin our journey …


A Poem by BlackLion

A Poem
by BlackLion

Double decker ice cream cone
With rainbow sprinkles
Way up in the top of my tree house
Why did you have to fall?…