Be a Free Being

Be a Free Being
by BlackLion

Have you ever been in one of those mindsets where you are feeling so powerful, that you can do anything you set your mind to, and it felt so good? I have been in that mindset all day and I am enjoying the ride. Being powerful creators, we are all able to be in this mindset, whenever we choose. So where to begin?

For me, it started with a little meditation and self-hypnosis. I took in a few deep breaths and centered myself, feeling the calm within me. Then I said the following: “I am the hypnotist and the subject. My beliefs and my desires are the same.”

Think about the second statement. What if every desire that you had was in line with your beliefs about that desire? I want to feel strong, so I am strong. I want to be rich, so I am rich. I want to be happy, so I am happy. I want to be healthy, so I am healthy. Simple and direct. When we let go of all the baggage we carry around about what everyone else has told us we could or could not be, do, or have, we are free beings.

We are free to feel whatever we want, have whatever we want, and be whatever we want. Many of us have trained ourselves to not believe in any of the above statements for so long that we have habitually neglected our desires. We diminish our wants because of family, friends, lovers, children, work, school, government, society, church, etc.

Take that burden off your shoulders and be free of all expectations except knowing that you will get what you desire. Believe in yourself because no one else will. Make this self-hypnosis a daily practice. Instant manifestation is possible if your desires align closely with your current beliefs. If you have been struggling with money, relationships, health, or whatever, then it may take some time for the old beliefs to fall away, but fall away they must. For when your beliefs and desires are the same, you cannot help but get what you want and enjoy the process as well.

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