A Daily Practice

One of the great benefits, among many, of starting or maintaining a daily spiritual practice is the chance to focus on you. The opportunities we make to do this are minimal at best, so why not take a chance and spend time with yourself? If your first thought is “but I’m too busy,” then a practice is even more important, to help support your active life. It doesn’t have to take long – just five or ten minutes is a great start. Each day you’ll have something to look forward to. By spending time in solitude, you can reconnect with your inner self and enhance your awareness of who you really are.

Attitude and intention are the keys to a successful practice. Focus on something that you want to do, but don’t make it a chore – it should be fun! Approach your practice with reverence and joy. If you miss a day or two, don’t stress out about it; you can easily pick up right where you left off. No guilt trips necessary!

Below are some ideas you might want to adopt as a daily practice. Try one, adapt one to fit your needs, or create your own. We’re thankful to the folks who responded to our question about this on Facebook and shared their ideas. If you have more ideas to add, you can go to our Facebook page or contact us on Twitter.

Daily practice ideas include:

  • meditation
  • yoga, Tai Chi, or a martial arts routine
  • Tarot, I Ching, or rune readings
  • walking or sitting outdoors in a beautiful setting
  • baking or cooking
  • exercise: swimming, running, hiking, horseback riding
  • prayer
  • snuggling with a beloved pet
  • doing crafts or other artwork
  • reading poetry or passages from inspirational books
  • journal writing
  • gardening
  • singing, drumming, or playing a musical instrument
  • doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku