Wrestling with Invisible Voices

Photo by G.E. Nelson Photography

Have you ever heard a voice, that you swear was not your own, and it tipped your apple cart? You know the ones: “You’re not good enough,” “What the hell did you do now?,” or “What makes you think you deserve to feel happy about such and so?”

Some of us have overactive imaginations. I have whole conversations with my invisible voices, taking the roles of my friends, family, and people I meet along my journeys. And, you know what? My wrestling matches have become more and more one-sided. I’ve found that my regular meditation, yoga, and find-a-way-to-feel-happy habits are giving me the decided edge in these contests.

A new way to overcome these side-swiping challenges came from Starcat the other day. She said her practice of “Ease & Connection” has helped her stay present. It helps with not letting those rampant old habits give knock you out of the ring. Can it be as easy as feeling at ease, then recognizing your connection to right now?

I’m here to say, heck yes!

Whenever I am present with other folk, being aware and actively listening is a skill I’ve been developing for some time. I have fallen many times into the trap of the possible scenarios of what this next interaction could be, with some invisible voices throwing out “what if they don’t want to hear what you have to say?;” or “they look busy already, I don’t want to interrupt them.”

During our recent music festival, I took it upon myself to talk to everyone and offer to have them sign up for the (future, yet to be created) newsletter.

I let myself be present, dancing around to the music and just being open and clear that I am shining my true self.

Being at ease and connected makes wrestling with your invisible voices an easy victory. You’re really not fighting fair when you flex your big muscles of intention and focus. Relaxing and getting into your self is the way to raise your hand in triumph. Now doesn’t that feel better?

Try it for yourself, champ!

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