Working With Spirits From Beyond

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It sounds really woo-woo to advise you to work with non-physical beings from beyond the veil – although if you’re reading this blog, chances are that woo-woo is appealing. But even so, how can you work with beings you can’t see or touch or even fully know exist?

It requires a bit of faith, and a touch of imagination. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

When we talk about “spirits,” that covers a whole gamut of possible beings. The list might include guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors, people you know who have died and crossed over, animal totems, higher selves, or any number of other beings.

In most cases, your beliefs will direct how much support your non-physical team can bring you. If you can simply be open to the possibility that there are spirits who wish to help you in your life journey, you will allow those energies in.

It’s always wise to protect yourself when you reach out to the spiritual realm. Establish sacred space by lighting a candle or envisioning a bubble of energy around yourself. Set an intention that any work you do with non-physical beings will be for the highest good of all involved.

By saying your intention aloud or in your mind, you’re creating a boundary that ensures that the energies that come in are for good and will not harm you.

Next, simply start a conversation where you invite your spirit guides to work with you. This might feel a bit silly, especially if you’ve not done it before, but that’s okay. Chances are that their answers won’t come directly – although sometimes they do – but rather in the form of synchronicities, symbolism, inspiration, or clues from your intuition. You might like to use Tarot or oracle cards, or other forms of divination, to receive their wisdom.

You can ask your guides a question, or appeal to them for help with a particular situation in your life. A good general question if you’re not sure where to start is, “What do I most need to know?

Autumn is a particularly good time to develop a relationship with your guides, as the veils between the worlds are thin, and it’s a time of quiet introspection. You might also pay attention to the phases of the moon; the new moon, or just before it during the dark of the moon, are good times for this work, too.

You could try having a dialogue in your journal with a spirit guide. Ask a question and allow the answers to flow through you and onto the page. You are in essence channeling the answers from the non-physical realm.

A friend once asked me about channeling. “What if you’re just making it up in your own mind? What if you only think it’s coming from an outside source?” My feeling on that is that it doesn’t really matter. Judge the answers on their usefulness in the situation. Is it good advice? Is it just the motivation you needed? If the answer rings true, then it doesn’t really matter if it comes from your guides or your subconscious mind.

Wisdom is wisdom.

Remember to thank the guides when you’ve received their input. Inter-planar etiquette is important. Express your thanks aloud or in your journal, burn a stick of incense in their honor, or leave offerings in your garden or backyard.

There’s no way for us to conclusively “prove” that the spirits are there and interacting with us. Have faith that when you ask for aid, it is received. Don’t follow the advice you get blindly, but evaluate it. Run it through your analytical mind and your feeling heart.

If it feels right, then take action.

Working with the spirits is certainly a leap of faith, but in my experience, one that’s extremely rewarding. Going beyond the limits of the physical realm, especially when you’re wrestling with a problem or decision, opens up new insights that will help you along your path.

Let the mysteries into your life this season, and see what treats they bring!

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