Why Woo-Woo is Good for You

Do you feel like talking about spirituality is a bit woo-woo for you? Yet, do you also feel like you are a part of something more, something bigger than yourself? Unless you are a part of an organized religion, talking about spirit and energy may be a bit uncomfortable.

Let’s explore:

You Are More Than Your Physical Body

Not only do you have flesh and bone, you also are made up of energy. From a purely physics point of view, matter is simply slowed-down energy. Yet each cell in your body emits energy as part of its beingness. In total, this creates an energy field emanating naturally from your body. Many call this your aura.

Your aura is a field of energy that surrounds you and extends strongly several feet away from your physical body. And when you are near another person, your fields overlap, or in other words, are in the same place.

Ever get the feeling you know another person’s thoughts or emotions? Or your first instinct about a person walking by jumps to your attention? That’s where your aura communicates with another’s.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Each atom, proton, electron, and photon in your body is really a wave of energy probability. These waves extend to infinity in all directions, though strongest along the path of propagation. Waves overlap all around you: light waves, ultraviolet, x-ray, gravitational waves – some more strongly than others. Your eyes are attuned to certain wavelengths, like red through purple, so you are most familiar with visible light.

Yet, everywhere, waves of energy surround us all the time, nearly all of them invisible to our five senses.

In essence, we are a packet of waves, our outside “border” being our skin, yet also extended into our aura. This is a part of our uniqueness. Yet, we are also part of a larger energy field called the Earth. This massive object is not only made up of rock, water, soil, and liquid hot magma, it also consists of all the plants, animals, fungi, and gases that cover the surface. This energy field overlays your body’s field, distinct yet connected.

Want to go further into universal forces? What about the energy of our Sun feeding our planet every day of its existence? What about the Milky Way galaxy we call home – aren’t there energy fields associated with that? Yes! Universal forces are at play as we speak, many of which we still cannot measure with our scientific instruments. Yet they are still present.

Sure, that sounds cool, but still a bit woo-woo. What does that have to do with me?

You are a culmination of all these forces. You are an extension of all these energies uniquely expressed right here, right now. There has been and never will be anyone like you ever in all of the existence of the known and unknown universes. And with this knowledge, you have the inherent worthiness and right to be who you are and to express yourself any way that suits you.

Ok, let’s take this back down to Earth.

Here you are, reading this, learning more about who you are and where you want to go. And the most powerful tool you could ever develop and enhance in your life is attunement. You can align yourself with these universal energies through mindfulness, meditation, or even better, going out into the world and dancing your unique and joyful dance.

I call these energies spirit, because they are essential to my well being. And when you allow yourself to express your freedom and power by aligning with your own inherent greatness, your life gets better and better. By recognizing the vast energies that you are an intimate and vital part of, you more easily drop the drama and let yourself unfold exactly as you want.

Spiritual practice is returning again and again to your own innate power, and that kind of woo-woo is good for you!

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