Witness Consciousness and Dream Realization

Witness Consciousness and Dream Realization
by BlackLion

When you look out into the world right now, what is your first impression? This moment of awareness of how you are feeling, or what you are seeing, hearing, or tasting is a breath of new insight. Your witness consciousness came to the fore and acknowledged another level of thought and awareness. As you become practiced, you can notice each thought and experience as it flows by your ever-present now.

As you allow your thoughts to flow, actions of others to be, and the world to act as it is, your connection to your source energy will become strong and stronger. Move through life as a witness to the event, rather than the manipulator of it. We all have desires and dreams, yet our powerful point of attraction, the present moment, is all there is. Focus your now energy on things that bring you the most joy, laughter, compassion, kindness, and love.

Once you are practiced at witness consciousness, your birthright as a deliberate creator of your life experiences becomes aligned with your spiritual guidance. Every desire can come true as you powerfully think thoughts intentionally, creating the best life you can possibly think for yourself. As you continue to stay in line with these powerful intentions, your now will become more and more amazing. You will experience dreams and intentions beyond your current self can realize.

Here is a practice exercise you can try right now:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, filling your lungs up to full. Hold your breath for a few moments and then slowly release it until all the air has come out. Once you feel rested and focused, look around you. Let labels such as computer, desk, cat, and snow drift by. Allow your thoughts to float by without limitation. If you find yourself thinking about last night’s dinner, smile and take another deep breath. Continue this practice throughout your day, remembering to breathe and witness. Sense the power and energy of love that underlies all things.