Wisdom of the Universe

This morning we were getting ready to post our daily Feline Dreamers Twitter/Facebook update, when Starcat experienced a really cool visual image. Usually we post a snippet of insight that inspires us and is a good reminder on how to live consciously. When pondering what to write about today, Starcat suddenly saw a swirling whirl of energy all around, just beyond the illusion of “normal reality.” It was like there was universal wisdom everywhere, surrounding the world on all sides. All she had to do was reach up with an imaginary arm of intuition and pluck a morsel of wisdom, like a ripe fruit from a willing tree.

The wisdom of the universe is always available, always loving, always open, free for the sharing. All we need to do is reach out and grab some. We can explore it or simply acknowledge it and move on. We can do what we want with it. We might mold it into a short quote, make a blog post or article from it, or even, when we get a really juicy “aha!” epiphany, write a whole book.

Many artists say that they are a conduit, and although their creations are offered through the lens of their own experiences, they come from somewhere beyond. Yes, it takes talent, skill, and practice (along with a healthy dose of patience) to bring forth a new creation. And it’s done in partnership with the Divine.

How do you manifest creations in your life? Art is not the only way that one creates. We also create our relationships, our careers, and our joys. In what ways do you feel empowered to create? What tools do you use? What medium do you most enjoy using? How do you envision Divine wisdom and inspiration?

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