Why Your Time is a Magickal Act

Have you ever stopped to wonder about why you’re here? Or what the meaning of life is? Sure, we’ve all spent a few cycles on that question, then it’s back to TV, work, or whatever distraction you keep putting in front of yourself. What if you discovered that your time is a magickal act, and everything you do, think, or say has a ripple effect throughout the Universe?

You can call it the Law of Attraction, or karma, or magick, yet each of us has the inherent ability to change the world in our own chosen (or accidental) image. By feeling intensely, you are activating a resonant frequency with all common vibrations. We are constantly bombarded with low-grade trauma every day through the news, entertainment, and politics.

It’s no wonder we’ve come to accept a low standard of living and a highly uncaring government system, because it could be worse…

And that’s the rub. Even mentioning this trauma, pointing at the huge elephant in the room, will trigger defenses to protect ourselves and insulate us from the rest of the world and all those scary people, who might even live next door!?!

The feelings you may be experiencing are, thankfully, not an instantaneous form of magick like fireballs, or mass hypnosis. It takes practice feeling into a feeling for it to become true for you. And it takes a moment of heroism on your part to notice the thoughts and feelings you are currently having that do not serve you.

That’s where your time comes into play. What if, for balance purposes, you took say, 5 minutes, (yes in a row!), and thought about someone, something, somewhere that makes you feel good? I mean really good, like you can’t help but smile when you think of it. Milk this feeling, adding the scents, flavors, sensations, visions, and sounds that increase this feeling within you.

Notice the burbling of emotions as laughter wants to seep into your visualization. What hooray or huzzah jubilations do you want to exclaim in triumph? Really get deep into this feeling place and celebrate this magickal moment as if you are living it right here, right now. If a stray thought jumps in, just thank it, then get back into this uplifting place within you. The more often you visualize, the more easily you’ll get back into this joyful feeling place.

Tick tock, your time’s up!

Now, can you still feel the echoes of this feeling within you after your 5 minutes?

In a notebook, write down all the images and sensations you experienced while in this timeless trance. Get as much juicy detail written down as possible. This is a magick spell! You are now a wizard, witch, or wisewoman; whatever way you know it, magick is really within you. Besides having a spell you can refer back to, which will allow you to get back into joy, there are other benefits too!

Your time is a magickal act. What you choose to spend your time doing will bring about more of that in your experience. Not only that, you will be able to choose more wisely any feelings or thoughts that no longer serve you. Like instead of watching the news, you can read a book, create some art, or meditate.

Anything that gives you a sense of relief and good tidings will do so much to change your life for the better. If 5 minutes a day seems like a lot, it is not. You could spend hours in this state of happiness when you choose nourishing and uplifting activities and thought circuses. Feel into your thoughts and find out why you keep going back to the horror movies and political junk instead of walking in nature and playing with puppies.

Oh yeah, did I mention that even just 5 minutes a day of utilizing your time as a magickal act has an amplifying effect on your life? Even the hardest-hearted among us will soon realize that self-care and being in your flow state will dramatically increase opportunities for the Universe to resonate with these new feelings of love and joy.

Choose your time wisely, and your magickal acts will transmute your life in so many magnificent ways!

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