Why Practice?

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Why Practice?
by BlackLion

Every day, you are practicing something. Whether it is your work, hobby, habit, or passion, whatever you focus upon is practicing that energy. Since we are all energy beings at our basic levels, each additional repetition of a vibration raises the amplitude of the entire energy being. When an energy encounters a cooperative frequency, it induces a constructive interference pattern to emerge, rippling out to its entirety, uplifting both parties. When there is a conflicting frequency, a destructive pattern emerges, decreasing both involved.

So, the question you must ask yourself is: Do you know what you are practicing? You can feel a resonance with things that increase who you are, and you will feel a discord when something is not aligned with your essence. Even within your thoughts, you may find discordant or off rhythms that make your heart skip a beat, or cower under a pillow. These too are messages. They are letting you know that whatever you are currently thinking is not true for you, at least not any more. Instead, allow them their say and thank them as you release them back to the infinite other possible ways to approach the solution. And you know when you are on because it feels so good.

Practicing intentionally is the best way to get better at what you desire. You will continuously find that the world will respond to what you are putting out as your thoughts, words, and deeds. Indeed, the best way to encourage a happy life is to choose to be happy right now. As you practice any focus like prosperity, harmony, connectedness, success, or love, you will encounter those energies in others because you are seeking them out with your expression. Isn’t that great? You get to find the best in others as they’ll enjoy the best of you. Practice makes perfect is an apt way to create the life of your dreams.

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