Where Creativity Comes From

Courtesy of NASA et al.

Where Creativity Comes From
by BlackLion

From the furthest reaches of the known cosmos and beyond to the unknowable, we are creators without bound. When we tap into the great unknown and allow the flow of creative energy to come through us, what was once only a glimmer, a spark, or a thought manifests. Imagination is the powerful force that enlivens our lives.

Whether we create through a medium (like paper and pencil, pen and ink, or paint and canvas) or through our abilities (writing, singing, speaking or playing music), our creative potential is unlimited. We could, and may often, choose to limit ourselves based on what we believe (using our imagination) to be our limitations, faults, or inabilities. Yet each of those is a creative choice on how to live your life right now.

Now imagine your favorite experiences. What have you achieved? What are you now dreaming of? Who are you hanging out with? What place have you imagined? A tropical beach at sunset? Hiking up a mountain? In a penthouse overlooking a city skyline? The sky’s the limit, or is it? You could even be the first human explorer of Mars.

The only limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves. Creativity is our natural birthright, born from all that has come before and continuing unendingly to eternity. If you believe that the world is sterile and stagnant, then that is what you will discover. If you believe the world is an open and free environment in which to play, then you will find wondrous places to frolic.

Creativity comes from within. Deep within. Tap into your deepest witness consciousness and allow your own spiritual guru to guide you. Flourish and revel in your own creative juices. Let go of any restrictions you are harboring and become the creative genius that you are – use your unique perspective as fuel for your imaginative fire!

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