What on Earth Should I Eat?

What on Earth Should I Eat?
by Starcat

I recently quipped to BlackLion, “if I was ever in direct contact with a channeled entity, probably the first question I’d ask them would be what to eat.” It’s one of those things that I find puzzling. We are given all sorts of information about what foods to eat and what to avoid, but the problem is that most of it is contradictory! “Studies show” a wide variety of things that don’t sync up with other studies. On the other end of the spectrum, Abraham advises us to just eat whatever feels right, because everything is pure energy anyway. The caveat is that we don’t carry any hidden beliefs that what we want to eat is actually bad for us. How do we do that?!

Personally, I’ve chosen to be vegetarian, and have been for years. I love vegetables, I don’t like meat anymore, and it works well for me. Yet even within that realm, there is so much room for questioning. Should I be vegan? I tried it and it seemed to work fairly well, but then I learned of “research” about the drawbacks of some of the vegan products I was using. What about a raw vegan diet? I tried it for a bit, but my digestive system wasn’t happy. Should I go ahead and eat eggs and dairy, perhaps in moderation? Well, what about the killing that happens in that model, even on the most conscientious, free-range farms? What if I can’t afford to eat locally and organically all the time even though it’s important to me?

There are no quick and easy answers. Even if you eat a fairly mainstream diet, like some of my family members, you might want to use nutrition to lose some weight or avoid problems with genetic diseases. Yet the “research” on how to do those things changes every few months, it seems.

I haven’t found my own answers to this conundrum yet, but I have had a couple of glimpses of what could work. I think that no matter what you choose, it’s important to feel good about what you eat. If you notice you feel best when you cut out refined sugar, go for it! And when someone offers you a homemade cookie, rather than being apologetic about your diet, or eating it anyway so they won’t feel bad, be cheerful. “I’m not eating sugar right now, but thanks for thinking of me!” If you like to eat meat and you have friends who are vegetarians, don’t tell them why you’re not eating like them. Just make a meatless spaghetti sauce and add your meatballs on the side, so everyone has a tasty meal to share.

At the same time, be open to change. If you’ve been eating eggs for years without any problems, but now they upset your tummy, take a break from them. Your body and energy system are always changing and growing. Let yourself be flexible and tend to your needs rather than some abstract concept of how you eat. I guess eating is like many of the other choices we make in our lives. Follow your own journey wherever it may lead you, and let others make their own choices on their paths. And if you really do want a cookie, then have one!