What’s at the Core?

What’s at the Core?
by Starcat

Do you have an area of your life where the energy just seems to be stuck? It could be in the realm of finances. You might find yourself working towards financial goals, having a plan – yet the more you earn, the more unexpected expenses seem to come up. Or you’ve been trying to earn money doing what you love, and despite all the time you spend on perfecting your craft, along with the affirmations about success, you seem to be taking two steps back for every one you take forward. I’ve been there and done that.

Or perhaps it’s losing weight, and despite your best efforts at exercising and eating small portions of healthy food, those stubborn pounds seem to cling to you. Or relationships, and though you’ve visualized your ideal partner, gone on lots of dates, and worked on your self esteem, you still feel lonely and unloved.

It could be that old, outdated core beliefs are holding you back. Core beliefs are your deepest, most closely held truths. They are the things that you believe unquestioningly. All your assumptions about reality spring from these beliefs. To create lasting change, you have to not only modify your thoughts, but also remodel your underlying belief structure.

Your core beliefs are the things you have agreed to over the course of your life. Situations, thoughts, and feelings that frustrate or discourage you point to beliefs that are no longer right for you. When you have a negative pattern that you can’t seem to escape no matter what you do, then it’s time to go deeper than the actions you’ve already tried – even if those actions are positive and have worked for others. Once you uncover and transform your core beliefs, then those very same actions may work wonders. That’s been my experience in the area of following my calling. Try it, and see what happens!

If you’re looking for ways to work with your core beliefs, check out our 30-Day Core Belief Kit. Each day includes a brief reading, an audio guided meditation tailored to that day’s topic, and exercises designed to help you delve deeply into your beliefs. You’ll be guided through the process of transforming your beliefs so you can begin to live the life of your dreams!