We All Fall Down … Sometimes

PercyWe All Fall Down … Sometimes
by Starcat

I started off 2013 on an uplifting note. I had done some introspection and received lots of new awareness and ideas. I crafted my intentions, made a vision board, and devoted myself to my spiritual practices with a new energy. I was feeling great and seeing signs of my dreams beginning to manifest.

And then, wham! This week, some kind of old energy pattern seemed to grab me and throw me to the floor. I wasn’t even sure why, and found myself asking, “What happened?!” I felt a surge of worry, doubt, sadness, and fear. Those aren’t the energies I wanted to receive this year!

We are all human. We will have times when we’re joyfully riding the waves of the life we’re creating, and other times when those same waves will crash over us, tumbling us to the ocean floor. The good news is, we can float, and even swim. The key is to not buy into our negative emotions, which try to convince us that now “everything is ruined.”

How? Here are some suggestions for when you’re feeling low: take a nap, focus on your breathing, go for a brisk walk, read an uplifting book or article, have a good cry, escape into a novel or funny movie, pray and ask for help from your spiritual guides, do some gentle yoga, play a game, take a warm shower and slather your skin with good-smelling lotion, call a friend, pet your cat or dog, write in your journal, drink a fresh fruit smoothie, clean the house.

Here’s what NOT to do when you’re not in your center: make important decisions, take it out on your loved ones, force yourself to be creative if you’re not feeling it, scold or berate yourself, believe that you’ll always feel this way, deny your feelings, binge on junk food, give up.

The most important thing is to find your way naturally and gently back to positivity. Vibe first, then act. Don’t rush it. Let yourself heal and soon you’ll find just the inspiration you need. Trust yourself and the Universe. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Soon enough, you’ll be paddling back out to try surfing those waves once again.

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