Watching for Signs

Watching for Signs
by Starcat

Last night I dreamed I was wandering around a huge old house with many rooms, looking for something. It seemed like I was there for hours. At first I was looking for my own room, then for various objects (which, when I found them, would soon change to something else), and finally for various other rooms. Every so often I’d encounter people, some of whom I know in waking life. Sometimes I would have to go up or down a short ladder to get to another level of the house. It was incredibly confusing.

When discussing the dream with BlackLion, I realized it seemed like one of those old-style video games, like Super Mario Brothers, where the main character wanders all around various levels, gathering stuff, which (to me) always seemed completely pointless. BlackLion said that perhaps the dream shows that I am looking for signposts along my path, and I was reminded of a conversation from yesterday about signs. The idea is that when we go to a new event or gathering, we may not know exactly what we’re looking for, but at some point there will be at least one “aha!” moment. It’s then that we realize, “oh, that’s what I came here to learn.” That one moment can inspire us, teach us, remind us, or intrigue us.

As we travel through our lives, there will be times when we don’t know how or why we’ve ended up where we find ourselves. At those times, it’s helpful to be still and observe. Listen from your heart. If you’re at a party, pause for a moment and look around. Notice where your attention is drawn. You’re watching for signs. If you’re out taking a walk, let your attention wander across the landscape. Observe what draws your eye. You’re watching for signs. If you’re on the computer, looking at Facebook or blogs or e-mails, let yourself wander a bit, following the trail of your attention through links and quotes and videos. You’re watching for signs.

When you find one, and something clicks, then pause and notice how it feels. If you can, jot down a note or two about what’s inspired you. Or mention to the person you’re talking with, if they seem open to it, how their comment resonates with you. Later, take the time to ponder the new ideas and intuitions that the sign has opened up for you. Write in your journal, make a sketch, or otherwise capture your epiphany. Allow it to inspire further creativity, or simply let it lead you onward, toward the next sign.