by BlackLion with Starcat

When walking my path, I have sometimes come to a nexus point where the choices I make will lead to dramatic and life-altering changes in my life. Sure, every choice is potentially like that, but removing a whole branch from this growing life tree that I am creating is a whole different experience.

I am now in an unburdening phase. I am freeing up energies that I should have freed up months ago but were not quite fully ripened. The juices were gathering and not quite ready to burst with flavor. Now that the branch has been freed, I am full of the fruits of new life and new energy!

Of course, I am also experiencing a little bit of “what-if” as well. What if I had only done more practice? What if I had tried a little harder? What if I had chosen to dedicate myself more to this? What if I hadn’t found other creative expressions that I enjoy more?

The best approach is to think those thoughts and then let them go. Those thoughts are not necessary to moving forward, and once you’ve made a choice, it is important to follow through with it.

If you are in a transition phase or have just given up something you held dear for so long, or gained something you have long been seeking, take a moment and reflect. Know that all the changes that you are making right now will have continuous effects on your life as you move forward, effects that are both positive and negative. Just remember to be yourself, follow your truth and know that if it feels right, you are on the right path.

At times the energy may feel chaotic, so remember to breathe and ground yourself as well. Or if you are a thrill-seeker, follow the roller coaster of emotions you are in and go along for the ride. Just remember, when it’s time to get off the ride, do take the time for grounding and breathing.

It is an exciting time in my life where a veil I had put over my eyes has been lifted by making this choice. It’s an amazing feeling to let go of something that served me well for the time I was doing it, letting it go when it was the right time to do so and not holding on to it when it no longer served me. And now I am free to pursue my creative thoughts as I wish. Not that I was burdened by anyone else’s methods, I just imposed those on myself without realizing until much later.

I feel freer than I have in a long time. Perhaps by choosing wisely, the universe is gifting me with the rewards I have put before myself. The energies I have freed up are now available to work on the things I really want to focus on!

If you are facing such a decision in your life, change the things that are not feeling right into things that do feel right and trust me, you will find that YOUR path is THE path you must follow to be truly happy! Good luck and many blessings!

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