Top 3 Reasons to Record Your Dreams

dreams, messages, insights, journaling, spiritTop 3 Reasons to Record Your Dreams
by BlackLion

Dream journaling is a vital way to discover more about your inner being. You can also uncover hidden blockages to release, find spiritual allies, and discover unconscious desires that can enhance your life. Whether you are an active dreamer or not, when you wake up in the morning, you can gather valuable insights into who you really are.

Here are the top three reasons to record your dreams:

1. Better Understanding of All of You

We are so much more than a walking, talking bag of flesh and bones. We are an eternal spirit existing on many levels of consciousness with only a portion of that spirit manifested in the physical realm. When you record your dreams, you are better able to understand and interpret what your spirit is offering to you each and every moment. Each morning before you get up, grab the handy paper and pen on your nightstand and write down what you remember from your dreams; whether they are people, places, images, or feelings, each is an important communication just for you. Though you could use a dream interpretation book to find out more about what each of these symbols means, only you can know what any particular one means to you right now. Seeing a dog in your dreams could mean many things – companionship, loss, loyalty, or even fear. Only you can know for sure what it means within the context of your dream life.

2. Direct Connection to Your Spirit

Dreaming is your way to dance with your spiritual self. Whether through visions, feelings, or insights, your higher self wants to share with you all the gloriousness that is you. When we are awake, our ego selves often get in the way of this communication – misunderstanding or rephrasing the messages in a way that does not do justice to the intent. Instead, by recording these inspirations fresh when you first awake, in the liminal space between waking and dreaming, you can gain the most valuable insights from your spirit. Whether they are warnings or accolades, these important connections are invaluable to your waking self and can significantly enhance your overall well-being.

3. Signposts to Your Best Life

Every dream impression, whether an image, scene or feeling, is a signpost to a better life. As you record these in your dream journal, you will get a clearer indication of where to go (and where to avoid) during your waking life. Navigating the world can be really challenging if we are only paying attention to half of our experience. When we integrate the messages from our dreams, we can more easily be open to serendipities, signs, and opportunities that might otherwise be unnoticed using only our ego and our five senses. With practice, you’ll recognize allies from your dreams, locations that are important, and remarkable symbols that will enhance your daily experience and transform your life toward better and better thoughts – so you can truly live the life of your dreams!

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