The Spacious Present

The Spacious Present
by Starcat

I’ve recently experienced a shift in my perception. I’ve been able to let go of a lot of old worries and fears. In the process, I’ve noticed that I seem to have more time for meditation, contemplation, and creativity. It’s not as if I purposely rearranged my schedule or let go of particular tasks.

I think what happens is that when we are clearer and more aware of each moment, we naturally move through time more gracefully. Rather than using my energy to worry about what was or what might be, I am here in this moment. When I wake up, rather than rush off to get my body ready for the day, I first let my thoughts float gently into waking awareness. I write down any dreams I recall, and maybe craft a journal entry. My morning routine then proceeds more smoothly, and if something unexpected comes up, it’s simply a part of the dance, rather than an interruption.

When it’s time to do the dishes, I do them. They wait patiently for me until I’m ready. There’s no need for guilt if I leave them in the sink until after I read to the kids or chat with a friend. This accepting attitude, more often than not, leads to an easily-cleared kitchen just minutes after dinner is done. Less stress and worry means less effort, and things get done, leaving plenty of time for family reading and friendly laughter.

It’s as if the concepts I’ve been learning over the past several years have finally become integrated into my daily experience. When we truly let go of worry, which is a form of trying to control life’s events, it’s amazing how much easier life becomes. There is more time, in these spacious present moments, to do the things we love to do. That in turn helps us to relax and enjoy life even more.

The way we get to this place of letting go is unique to each of us, but it feels like a deep sighing breath. And trust me, when you experience it and live it, time will open itself to you in new ways, leaving you with a sense of deep wellness and delight.