The Purpose of Life Is…

Live Life on Purpose!The Purpose of Life Is…
by Brent BlackLion Nelson

…living life on purpose! Oh sure, call me an oxymoron but seriously, this is the real meaning of life. Make sure every moment is worth living. Fastest way to do that? Feel worthy. Honor who you are right now on this strange, enchanting, and all-around-amazing adventure called your life.

Sometimes living on purpose means taking care of yourself. It might look like drinking a smoothie in the morning, smiling at the check-out clerk at the grocery store, or spending quality personal time with, you know, you!

Pausing and recharging are fabulous ways to boost your energy for the next task at hand. When you take a moment for self-reflection, you’ll witness that your inner world is chock-full of quests, dreams, and insights. Usually, they’re muffled or even buried by the course of your day-to-day routines. Yet, if you take as little as five minutes in the morning to focus simply on your breathing, those magnificent spiritual gifts will flavor the whole of your day and beyond!

When you choose to live life on purpose, you are the creator of your own schedule. Plan some “me-time.” Sure, we all have responsibilities we’ve agreed to, yet those precious moments of delving into your inner landscape will bring treasures beyond measure. As Doctor Who fans know, “It’s bigger on the inside.”

Celebrate your wonderful family as you make meals and tidy up, appreciate your steady income that’s working for you right now, savor a lover who knows how to make you laugh at just the perfect moment, or thank your soul when she gives you a timely nudge in the right direction. Being present allows you to accept life as it arrives yet also bolsters your inner reserves to see you through all kinds of weather.

This is what life is truly about: being you! What better way to truly welcome in the New Year then by doing what you do, and being a-ok about it? Sure, we all want to grow and change, so why not accept that you don’t know all the answers, or all the “rules” for that matter, and just live life on purpose? Go on sweet one, you’ve got this!

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