The Ebb and Flow of Awareness

fd140303ebbandflowThe Ebb and Flow of Awareness
by BlackLion

Have you ever noticed yourself suddenly come back to conscious thought after a round of thoughts about the past or future? In other words, reverie. Perhaps you were at the checkout line at the grocery store and while waiting for the annoyingly slow people in front of you, you thought of all the ways that they are inconveniencing you, or how some of the items they are purchasing would never touch your lips?

Perhaps you are at the beach and a beautiful, sun-tanned sun-bather is running by in their skimpy swim gear. Your mind may wander about future encounters or possibilities with this interesting stranger. Maybe you feel a twinge of jealousy at how their “ideal” body doesn’t quite match up to the one you currently reside in.

In a grove of trees after an enjoyable hike up a trail, you find a wondrous sunny spot on a large rock to just sit and be one with nature. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin that enlivens your spirit, the breeze to cool the sweat on your brow, and the dapple of a nearby stream to bring you into a meditative state.

All these are examples of ways that your awareness comes and goes in your experience. Whether you are more or less aware of your present surroundings or lost in thought, your conscious awareness is the moment you realize you are where you are right now.

We all have moments of presence, though we have been taught to focus on the external world and essentially ignore our inner world. However, when you are aware in the moment, you bring the focus of your loving spirit into alignment with your physical experience. During these moments, you are a powerful and intentional creator in the now.

The purpose of meditation and visualization is to allow you to more often be present and to be in alignment with your source. There is no need to admonish yourself for falling out of focus, yet it may be an incentive to practice techniques that bring more presence into your experience. The ebb and flow of awareness is the human dance of spirit and form. Choose to take the continuously new next moments to observe, reflect, and direct your awareness onto that which uplifts yourself and others. Your future self will thank you for it.

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